Tuesday 18 June 2013

Toy Story

'Mum' has been busy the last few days with meetings, appointments and of course sewing - trying to build up some stock for a sales table at the Festival so she can hopefully have some spending money while there!  We have been left to entertain ourselves (within reason), but know that we have some excitement coming up when we go on our holiday to Cornwall.

We've watched Toy Story...um several times...all of them...several times...we LOVE Toy Story

What's great is that Pinny loves it as much as me and hasn't got at all bored with it.  Unlike some of the others who have gone off grumbling.  Still they get their turn as well.

Anyway we are deep in discussion here....not sure what about as Mum caught us unawares!

We've finished having a cup of Milo in our Toy Story Mugs...mine is of course Woody...

Pinny's cup is Jessie.

Here we are doing a cheesy pose for the camera before Mum had to dash off to get the washing in...or something like that.


  1. Love the Toy Story mugs that Henry and Pinny are enjoying!!! They are becoming fast friends :). They both love their JJ shoes I am guessing? I think they look wonderful :)

    1. Indeed! They do love their JJ shoes...in fact I think a couple of my girls have been coveting Pinny's lovely white shoes. ;-)

  2. Those mugs are super Lorraine! It's a good job that Pinny likes Toy Story as much as Henry does, watching it that many times!!!

  3. Thanks for these very different wild and windy views of Boscastle. Certainly not quite as I remember it when seen on some calm and scorching hot days.

    So pleased that 'Dear' Henry has found a friend to enjoy the active life that he so loves to lead. Loved the sleeping bag and nightcap scenes.