Monday 30 December 2013

What to do on a very wet rainy day?

Shame the weather is so bad, I wonder what we can do today?

What about seeing what is in that Christmas parcel you haven't opened yet Henry?  James asks.

Oh yeah!  I forgot about that!  Mum said to leave it for a rainy day...guess we have that for sure today!

I wonder what is in it?  Emrys asks.

We all unwrap the gift.

Oh wow!   Cool!  We all exclaim at once.

This looks like it is going to be fun.  A Mustang!  

We get all the packages out of the box....

Umm...perhaps we better look at the instructions first.  Emrys suggests with a rather overawed look on his face.

Good idea!  James and I agree.

Looks complicated doesn't it?  

Come on guys, let's get started!  Emrys says.

Yeah, hang on.  We reply.  We are still studying what to do....

I think this is going to take them ALL day!


  1. Oh wow! That looks fun! Santa was very generous this year, wasn't he Henry? Have fun boys.
    J xx

  2. Good luck then with the making of it boys. Should keep you well occupied for quite some time.
    Look forward to seeing the finished model.

  3. That will determinately keep them occupied !!

  4. Gosh Henry, that looks like a nice aeroplane to put together! You'll have to hang it from your bedroom ceiling when it's finished!

  5. Another exciting challenge for Henry and friends, I am looking forward to the results of your aeroplane building.