Monday, 5 May 2014

Down Under in New Zealand: March 24th Wenderholm Regional Park

One of my Mum's favourite places in New Zealand is Wenderholm Regional Park and she has many happy memories of going there as a child, a teenager, and as an adult.  She has picnicked there, hiked, swam and met up with friends.

On Monday 24th March we went there for lunch and the afternoon and it was really lovely indeed.  Pretty much deserted, unlike the weekends when it can often be packed, being a favourite spot for family days out.

The park is 'cradled by the Puhoi and Waiwera Rivers' and was one of the first Auckland Regional parks opening in 1965 taking its name from the historic homestead on the site, Couldrey House, which was formerly called Wenderholm which means Winter Home.

There are some lovely coastal walks to go on, although we didn't do any this time, we just enjoyed a leisurely walk along the beach.

Plenty of park space for ball games and picnics.

The still water of the river.

Barbecue and picnic areas.

I had fun climbing the lovely old trees.

Trees for riding on.

These wonderful Puhutukawa look amazing when flowering, a blaze of red,  but we were too late for that.

I enjoyed just sitting and watching the sea.

I also enjoyed inspecting the shells and seaweed washed up on the beach.

Anyone care for some seaweed?  They say it is good for you and the garden!

At this point....or just afterwards the tide came in and washed me off my feet!

Oops...I got my hair wet....not a good idea for a boy who is losing his hair at an alarming rate!

Still it was all good fun and a boy's got to do what a boy has to do!



Drying!  Oh yeah, got my nice new t-shirt wet and my shorts too.

Wonderful birdlife, this little Dotteral was warming itself in the sun.

Until it spied me and set off...


A Godwit

Sea gull  hmmm...what is that I spy down there?

More seaweed!

A Pukeko

Oyster Catchers

Another Dotteral

The three stooges. 

This is one of the holiday bachs you can stay in.

Nice and secluded its only access is by boat.

There's those Oyster Catchers again.

They seem to come in threes!

Two Black Backed gulls feeding on something.

Mine, all mine!


  1. Henry, do you see faces in the rocks in the picture under the pukeko? I had to enlarge the photo to make sure they were actually rocks. The rock in the back resembles a turtle. The other rock is what really had me wondering. It could be a squid or giant mushroom as well as some other kind of sealife. Looks like you had a wonderful day.

    1. Sorry, I have enlarged those missed photos. It does look a bit like faces in those rocks doesn't it? A very wonderful day was had indeed.

  2. What a beautiful place and wildlife - no wonder you love NZ. Shame you got wet Henry, I hope you helped your mum with clothes washing afterwards.

    1. Now let me think...did I help Mum with the washing afterwards...well I can't tell a lie, no I didn't I just went out and played with the dog...oops!

  3. I can see why your Mum loves it there, it is beautiful in every way. The photos of the ocean look like a post card! Henry looks like he is having a great time and what a fantastic tree to climb :). xxx

    1. Lots of things to do, climb and see, such a wonderful place. I had such fun.

  4. An AMAZING spot. Fabulous photography.
    So sorry to hear the the waves knocked you over but I was most impressed with the photo of you standing ankle deep in the wet sand.
    (Hope that your mummy had brought a spare set of clothing with her in case of any little accidents like this.... or was it just a matter of spending time afterwards drying out in the sun?

    1. It certainly is an amazing spot Kendal and one that is very special to us. Um...Mum didn't take a spare set of clothes to the beach, so I just had to dry out in the sun and had to have my hair gently washed when I got home...that was rather nerve racking I can tell you!