Monday 20 April 2020

Blue Monday - Blue Sea & Sky!

Wearing my new waistcoat that matches my shorts, I insisted that I go out for a walk this morning, so whilst this isn't exactly a 'Holiday' the weather is glorious and it sure feels like one...

I'm going to start exploring our local area and post photos which I hope you will all enjoy.

Down our garden steps...

... there are quite a few of them!

Through the woods we go, I wonder what I will find.

I had to take my hat off as it is quite windy and I didn't want to lose it.

Wild garlic!  The flowers are so pretty.

Admiring the fungi growing on this fallen down tree.

They are quite large!

Look at me!

I'm actually quite high up on what may have once been an old gate post.

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful morning.

I investigate a badge sett.  There are about five entrances/exists to this sett.

I bet they are tucked down there now fast asleep.

More steps, this time leading down to the bay.

What a view!

There are a couple of small waterfalls leading down to the bay.

I had to be careful not to fall as it was pretty windy.

There is nothing better than sitting beside the sea, such a vast expanse and the changing blues where the sea 'meets' the sky.

Listening to the waves lapping on the shore.

Time to just appreciate being.

Thankful for what we have.





Oh and of course climbing!

An adventure wouldn't be complete without a spot of climbing, this time rocks.

High up above the sea now.

The sound of the sea slightly dampened by the hill.

Setting off on my way home.

Stopping to admire some pretty orange flowers in someone's front garden on my way home.

What a great way to start the day.