Tuesday 22 December 2015

A New Visitor has come to stay!

Much excitement today as a  new visitor arrives to have a holiday with me over the Christmas period.  It has been ages since I have had a guest - we are going to have such fun together.  Today we opened the Advent Calendar - of which all Advent posts are posted over here.  However, I have copied today's opening down below. 

Junior, my mate, I am so glad you are able to come and stay - and just in time to open one of the Advent Calendar windows!  Henry says as Junior arrives to have a Holiday with Henry.

Me too!  Junior agrees.

The boys search for window number 22.

It proves elusive for a while...

...finally....Junior spots it.

He excitedly opens it.

While Henry watches.

Oh, wow!  Looks like treasure!  Junior exclaims.

Excellent!  Henry says.  I thought today might be the day for treasure. It goes in the little treasure chest down there.   Henry points.

Junior gets down on the floor to put the gold coins in the chest.

I wonder how much all this gold is worth?!  He ponders....

So what do you think Henry? Junior asks.

Looks good, but I don't think the gold is probably worth much...  but it would be fun to imagine it was worth millions!  Henry says.  Come on let's play.

The boys get down on the floor to play.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Looking for an intrepid Adventurer!

I've been thinking a lot lately....especially today as it is pouring down with rain...I seem to do even more thinking then....anyway this is what I have been thinking about.

It seems ages since I have had any friends come to stay with me - I have been missing my adventures with friends and showing them a little bit about my life and where I live.  Wondering if there are any intrepid Sasha or Gregor adventurers out there who want to come and stay  for a little while?  Let me know!

Okay so it is not the best at this time of year - but the autumn leaves look pretty in the woods, you will need some warm clothing and some wet weather gear if you have any, but it will still be fun!

Come and have a holiday with me!

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Down Under where the Dinosaurs Roam....Part Two

Looks like our boy had a lucky escape last year when he visited the realms of Down Under...

For what did T-Rex have in his jaws,..

...but the remains of a poor unfortunate creature.

But did this stop our adventurous lad as he peered through the fence and beyond

to see his old friend the Pteranodon and some new creatures there before him.

He peered and peered 

and thought a while

As he stared at the crocodile down yonder

the allure of those eyes, pulled at his heart...

for his love for crocodiles knows no bounds 

and so our small friend ventured down there.

He approached without much fear or worry strolling through the fields as bold as can be.

He peered at that crocodile

through some rushes and grass

and thought for just a wee while

until at last he thought it was quite safe

to make his approach to the crocodile

Our small boy walks closer

and closer

Until he can stroke the crocodile on the head

Does he know what he is doing or risking?

I don't think he has any fear at all.

After a while he decides to leave to visit the other animals 

quite unaware that he is being followed

The crocodile keeps his distance at first

Moving slowly as he follows our small boy

The boy unaware has no cares in the world as he strolls through the grasses

But it is not very long before the crocodile catches up 

and the boy is perilously close to be snapped up in the jaws of a crocodile

Could this be true, is his fate sealed?

Is our poor small boy to be devoured by a crocodile Down Under?

Or did he manage to escape?

and ride off on the back of a Moa?


This story is Copyrighted by Lorraine Tyler April/September 2015.  All Rights Reserved.

Thursday 24 September 2015

Henry's Footwear for Gregor.

Henry has finally launched his own footwear range...

'Henry's Shoes for Gregor'

Shoes for the discerning Gregor will be available to order.

Current colours: Dark Brown or Black

Lace ups: £10 a pair plus postage.  

Monday 10 August 2015

Dallas, Texas: Dallas Heritage Village - Part Five - Finale

The final part of my tour round the Dallas Heritage Village.

I wish this had been selling popcorn!

This should really have been on my first Heritage Village  blog post when we walked past the main street and went into the bank which was strategically situated on the corner.   But it is here now.  As it says, all towns had a main street where the important places of business were and various side streets that ran off them.

You may remember I posted this picture...

This was painted on the side of the Blum Brothers' General Store.

(This photo alone was not taken by us - seems this is the only building we missed taking a photo of - it is an image from google)

This store was built in 1907 by Albert Mueller (Miller) on Wolf Street in Dallas.

This store is laid out in a very interactive way with lots of things to do and look at and you can 'act' a part as a shop keeper of postmaster/mistress.

They had brooms to sweep the floor 

Oops, no milk today though, sorry.

Lots of toys and dolls available to purchase.

I had a chat with this China head lady to see how long she had been sitting in the store...but she didn't say much.

She looked slighted resigned, although somewhat content in a strange way.

There were some great toys I would loved to have been able to play with and bring home with me.

Can I help you?

Your mail delivery?  

Let me see...no sorry nothing for you today.

It seems they had rather a fondness for stuffed animals, skins and animal heads!  I wouldn't want to argue with this fellow.

The other side of the store.

Potatoes in a prune box?  Whatever next?!

How many potatoes would you like?

Let me ring up your account.

No change today.

The Saloon was next. to the general store It seems that many German immigrants brought with them recipes and traditions from their ancestral homes and that included the taste of beer.  In 1901 Dallas had 200 saloons!  Man they must have liked drinking!!  Apparently that was one for every 200 citizens..,  The Saloons offered a place to meet, play cards dominoes and converse and this saloon was a fairly respectable establishment without much worry of brawls etc.  

Oh the poor bear....how sad is that. 

More heads on the wall

The piano player would sit and play familiar tunes in the background

There was even an old barbers chair in the corner!

Outside was an old tin watering bath - wish it had been full!

Lastly a picture of the Browder Springs Hall which we didn't get a chance to look in as we were patiently being waited for by the rest of our party who wanted to move on as the heat was getting too much.  This hall was built in 1906 and was a typical structure of the time.  It would have been used for many types of commercial activities.  It is currently used as a gathering place for various meetings, presentations and celebrations.

After the Dallas Heritage Village we went into Dallas itself to the Art Museum

The approach.

Most of the time in the museum Mum was looking at the art, but I did see a couple of things than amazed me....

I was astounded at the size of this bed

I really was quite humungous

Could you imagine sleeping in a bed this size - you would almost get lost in it.

I stare up at it in utter amazement.

This tells you a little about the bed and how it came about.

The only other pictures I have are these which I thought my friend Rory would be interested in.

Standing in front of the frogs.

The information board telling you about the sculptures.

Finally at closing time we had to leave the museum.

Here we all are in front of the museum fountain.

Jackie, Mum, Me, Barbie, Marti and Donna.

Thank you wonderful ladies for your infinite patience with me and my fascination in the Dallas Heritage Village.  I had a truly awesome time.  You are the best!

Lastly a little bit of fun on the way back to our car and then hotel we road on one of the free trams that goes round the city.

With a name like Matilda....

She could only have come from Australia!

I was exhausted after my long day and slept all the way back to the hotel!