Wednesday 23 April 2014

Emrys & James come with me to visit Audley End.

Today we thought we would take Emrys and James out to Audley End House and Gardens...well us boys didn't go in the house as we were having too much fun in the gardens, so while the big people went in the house we looked round the gardens which were HUGE.

Quite impressive house isn't it?  This is the 'back' view.

This is the 'front' view.  I think we could live here quite happily?  Don't you?

We have a discussion about where to explore first.

This tree seemed the best place!

It is rather big, do you think it will be possible to climb?

Although James made an attempt...

It really did prove too difficult.

We try a group photo...Emrys was trying to play tricks behind our heads, much to James' annoyance.

This is a better one, although I'm not looking in the right direction...

How about this shot?  I think James might still have the hump with Emrys.

Probably the best we will get at our 'selfies' which seem all the rage at the moment.

Just outside the walled vegetable garden are some wonderful tulips...if you like that sort of thing.  We are okay about flowers and anyway...

Emrys wanted to present some virtual flowers to his Mum who has been back in hospital again.

He hopes they cheer her up, now she is back home.

James looks at them and wishes he had had the idea first.

It's okay James, Mum will know that both of us send our love.  Emrys reassures James.

Look at me! 

What you doing that for?  We ask

'Cause the flowers look better upside down!  We are told.

Hmmm...not convinced, but they do look pretty special.

James finds some rocks to climb.

As do I.

Whereas Emrys discovers some ferns.

Pretty cool isn't it?

We go into the walled kitchen garden and discover...

This fun wagon to have our photo taken on.

We have fun wandering round, although not a lot is growing yet, it is all very early season.

Just outside of the walled garden is a playground..

Ye ha Cowboy, Emrys takes the reins.

He goes so fast, we almost fall backwards!

More rocks to climb. 

Emrys proves to be a real dare devil.

Taking some time out in front of the fountain.

Enjoying a discussion...wouldn't you like to know?

The other side of the fountain looking towards the house.  Yes we are still chatting.

In deep discussion mode.

It was a pretty good day in all.  Plenty to see and do and lots of grounds to run around and play in.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Down Under in New Zealand: February 28th - March 12th: Miscellaneous Photos

On February 28th we flew out of Brisbane, Australia  to Auckland, New Zealand.  The plane was delayed yet again, so we were about an hour late...which meant rush hour traffic!

This is the photo of us leaving Brisbane.

Saying goodbye to Australia

Hello New Zealand!

Beaches and Sea abound.


We have arrived!

We had a quiet first few days.

The garden was looking lovely despite the very dry and hot summer weather they had been having.

There were now two extra ducks from when we last visited.  Daisy had had a couple of ducklings.

Feeding and watering the ducks.

Ducks fed & watered, I wonder if there were any eggs?

On the Sunday we went to see my Mum's sister and her husband who was schooling Mellow, their horse.

A lovely horse they have been training since she was very young.

This big dog wanted to give me a sloppy kiss...her name is Sophie.

There are a lot of fruit trees in the garden that keep the household supplied all year.  Lemons, grapefruit, oranges, apples, pears, feijoas, chestnuts, as well as lots of vegetables.

A Kingfisher on the washing line - had just caught something in its mouth.

Oh dear...the one day it rained...I was hoping it wouldn't be like this for too long as we had had enough rain back in England!

I was feeling rather forlorn

wondering what to do...

...still it didn't last long and I had a good splash in the puddles.

Every time we visit - which isn't often enough, it was two years since our last visit, this beautiful fuchsia is what we see when we open the back door. 

A cicada on the tree.

A special garden for dear Bobby, the wonderful black dog they used to have.  He was a Bouvier des Flandres and was huge and a wonderful companion for Pop.  Sadly he had epilepsy that couldn't be controlled any more.  

I smell one of 'his' flowers and say a few words to him.

The Cabbage tree near the pond.

One of the lilies on the pond.

The Kaihikatea berries - these are quite tasty, you can eat the orange part.

Checking out the cicada shell.

This one is captured a bit better on film.

Helping Pop in the garden...collecting all the damaged fruit for the compost and for Lafferty the Highland steer.

Beautiful yellow dahila

A spot of tree climbing of course.

Loving the pears - they were delicious! 

A moth found in the bathroom one evening.  This is a Northern Wattle Moth/Pepe Atua, also known as an owl, moon or peacock moth.