Sunday 13 April 2014

Down Under in Australia - 25th February: Sea World - Sea Lion show

The Sea Lion Show was accompanied with some fun music and what a great show it was, full of laughs and antics by all involved.  A great story indeed.

Al Baloney...

Uh oh...what is he up to?

Some funny business going on here...

What's this?  Bags of money?

Seems to be something fishy going on.

Along come the Fish Detectives.

Show us your good side.

Give us a smile!

Painting an identikit

Give us a kiss love

Yes sir!


Walk this way...

...what do we see?

Right foot

Left foot

A very appreciative audience, lots of laughs indeed.


  1. Great fun with the sea lions! How wonderful that you were able to go to the show! The photos are delightful :)

    1. The show was so funny and the Sea Lion was really amazing!