Wednesday 11 July 2018

I visit St Michael's Mount, Marazion, Cornwall.

I had a wonderful holiday in Cornwall a little while ago and have finally got round to sorting out the photos to show you.  One of the highlights was visiting St Michael's Mount in Marazion, which is Cornwall's oldest town!

We wanted to spend the day on the Mount so had to go over on a boat as the causeway that leads over to it was covered in water as the tide was in.

I wait for the boat.

We are off!

I watch Marazion get smaller as we head to St Michael's Mount.

Getting closer...

This is the boat we caught.

We walk round the gardens first.

There was a WWII Pill Box on the Mount and I look through it.

Not bad views!

You can see me looking through better in this photo, but can't see the views.

From outside looking in.

Wow, that is a long way up!

The gardens were so pretty and it was amazing what was growing on this side of the Mount.  

The gardens, although steep were very sheltered and the day was warming up quickly.

Pretty near the top was this well, which afforded wonderful views of the sea.

Onward I go.

On the way up to the Castle.

The Giant's Well.

Pretty Bluebells.

What's this?

Aha, I have found the Giant's Heart.

Riding on the canon

Gave me good views!

The Cornish flag was fluttering in the wind.

Suits of armour

It was really interesting inside the Castle.

I got to make a new friend.

That little dog was very still!

Pretty stained glass windows.

With my travel companions, Nancy, Hitty Madge and Little Jessie who was over from the USA.

A pretty Blue room.  Mum would like a room like this.

Long hallway.

Wow, this was pretty cool!

On our way back down.

We were able to walk back to Marazion over the causeway in the afternoon as the tide had gone out.

Lovely beach!

What a great day this was, and so worth a visit.  I hope we get to go back again someday.