Monday 30 December 2013

What to do on a very wet rainy day?

Shame the weather is so bad, I wonder what we can do today?

What about seeing what is in that Christmas parcel you haven't opened yet Henry?  James asks.

Oh yeah!  I forgot about that!  Mum said to leave it for a rainy day...guess we have that for sure today!

I wonder what is in it?  Emrys asks.

We all unwrap the gift.

Oh wow!   Cool!  We all exclaim at once.

This looks like it is going to be fun.  A Mustang!  

We get all the packages out of the box....

Umm...perhaps we better look at the instructions first.  Emrys suggests with a rather overawed look on his face.

Good idea!  James and I agree.

Looks complicated doesn't it?  

Come on guys, let's get started!  Emrys says.

Yeah, hang on.  We reply.  We are still studying what to do....

I think this is going to take them ALL day!

Saturday 28 December 2013

These socks are made for....

What are you two doing?   I ask James & Emrys

Seeing what our socks look like upside down!  They answer.

So what do you think? Your Mum made us snazzy brightly coloured socks.  Cool huh?  James says.

We are the champions!  Emrys cheers!

These socks are made for action!  Emrys tells me.

They are pretty great.  I agree.  So what sort of action shall we get up to do you think?

Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas presents from James & Emrys.

I had such a super day yesterday, what a lovely Christmas we all had.

For me?  I ask James.

Yes this is my Christmas present to you.  James tells me as he hands me a present.

I open it up to find a super cool John Deere sun hat!

Oh wow, this is so neat!  I can wear it when I go to the farm in New Zealand.  I tell the boys.

Don't you think it looks great?!  I do!

Here's my gift to you Henry.  Emrys hands me a gift.

Oh wow, thanks Emrys, a hoodie!  This is great.  

Crash!  This is what happened to the bird feeder!  I laugh.

Thanks so much guys.  Mum says your gifts are a WIP and so sorry that they are delayed.  I explain.

What does WIP mean?  They ask me?  

I'm not sure.  But she says it a lot!  I think it means 'Work in Progress'.  I tell them.

Oh that is okay, we can wait and anyway we have had so much chocolate so that is rather like getting pressies anyway.  They say.

Good thing these lads are so understanding!  I feel so lucky, not only do I get two friends to stay over Christmas but they also give me presents as well!  How great is that?

Tuesday 24 December 2013

James & Emrys on Holiday - The bird feeder - Part One.

Oh no, look what has happened to the bird feeder.  All three of us exclaim.

Do you think we can lift it?  James looks at the feeder.

Emrys has a go at pushing it.  Oouphumpf!  He groans.

I think it is going to be too heavy for us.  I tell them.

There must be some way we can get it upright surely?  James asks.  

Well I guess we could ask Dad.  I suggest and we go inside to see if we can find him.

Saturday 21 December 2013

Two visitors arrive for Christmas!

Not long ago a conversation was overheard in a lovely little cottage in the country.

Emrys: Why are you up, James? i thought you were sick.

James: I'm a bit better now. I can't go to the surgeon because she's sick so Mum has given me first aid.

Emrys: My neck is terribly stiff, I wonder if I could ave an operation?

James: Perhaps we could go together.

Emrys: No, because I'm going to stay with Henry.


Emrys: But you got sick so I am going instead.

James: What, even though I'm feeling better?

Emrys: Maybe we could both go?

James: Let's ask.

Emrys: Well, you better get dressed first. Why are you wearing a hat but no jeans?

James: A bad hair day, or week, or month...

It seems that James did indeed get dressed and both boys stowed away on a post van...

Oh look a big parcel addressed to me!

Hello, is someone in there?  I can here noises!

Let's see if I can get into this box.

Can definitely hear something.

Hello.  Is anyone in there?

"muffle, mumble"

Pardon?  I can't make out what you are saying.

Oh hello!  Who are you?

I'm Emrys.

More muffled noises are heard.

Is someone else in there? I ask Emrys.

Oh yeah, I forgot, my brother travelled with me as well.  

Hello, do you need a hand getting out?  I ask.

Muffle, mumble..... I'm okay...almost there.

What, where, why is it still dark?

Come on guys, turn on the lights...

The lights are on!  Hooray!  I cheer!

So which one is Emrys & which one is James?  I ask them.

I'm Emrys, and I'm James, they reply.

Well it is my turn to open the Advent Calendar today, do you want to help me with it? 

Oh yes, brilliant, we were hoping we might be able to have a turn as well.  They both tell me.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Action packed last day for Lottie.

Would you like to help me make another Lego model before you leave today Lottie? I ask Lottie.

Sure that would be great fun!  Lottie replies.

Look we have a Christmas tree to make.

Goodness, three packets!  

We start making it.  I make the base while Lottie starts on the tree.

We have to concentrate hard. 

How's it going?  I ask Lottie.

Great!  She replies.

Look how much I have done already.  Lottie shows me.

We make good progress and before long...

Lottie has the Christmas tree made.

She puts it on my base and I add the star on top.

Lottie makes a little bear and I make a present to go under the tree.

Isn't this simply the best tree?  Lottie asks.

It sure is!  I agree.

A little later we wander out into the garden.

Look there is that fox!  I whisper to Lottie.  See if you can scare it with you catapult as it has been screaming out our elderly dog Pirate in the evenings and if it saw our little Chihuahua, Percy, it could hurt him.

Lottie takes careful aim...

The fox looks at her, noticing us all of a sudden.

The fox is very bold and has been coming into our garden daily.

We think it is because the house next door has been vacant for well over a year now.

Great stuff Lottie!  You have scared him away.  I tell her with a cheer.

The fox runs off.

Let's hope that keeps that dastardly fox away from our dogs and garden.  I say to Lottie.

Hooray!  Lottie cheers.  I bet Mum will be surprised at my improved skills!

We come back inside where it is warmer.  Discussing the great shot Lottie made.

Sadly she has to go home today so I will have to help her pack now.

Lottie got a couple of souvenirs from the RAF museum.  A book and a pin.  I also got one to add to my increasing collection!

Mum made her Mum a special coaster as a reminder her of the holiday we had together.

Hey don't forget your dress Lottie!  I remind her.

I sneak in a couple of little extra gifts for her as well to discover when she gets home.

Oh and Lottie also watched Marcia open the Advent Calendar today which can be found here.