Tuesday 24 December 2013

James & Emrys on Holiday - The bird feeder - Part One.

Oh no, look what has happened to the bird feeder.  All three of us exclaim.

Do you think we can lift it?  James looks at the feeder.

Emrys has a go at pushing it.  Oouphumpf!  He groans.

I think it is going to be too heavy for us.  I tell them.

There must be some way we can get it upright surely?  James asks.  

Well I guess we could ask Dad.  I suggest and we go inside to see if we can find him.


  1. Our bird table survived the wild weather - my husband can't work out how! I hope the boys managed to get Dad to help, though I suspect it might need some repair before it is put back up again.

  2. Now this looks like a great project for the boys!