Wednesday 15 January 2014

The boys get out to play!

It is damp outside but at least it isn't raining so the boys wrapped up warm and went outside to play.

So is there anywhere good to skateboard around here Henry?  James asks.

Well we are allowed on the footpath as long as we are careful and it is fun as it is downhill.  Henry replies.  There is a skate park but we are not allowed there as it gets a bit rough.

Well sounds pretty good just hanging around here and seeing how fast we can go down the hill.  Emrys says.

Emrys is the first to get on the skateboard. 

Hang on James, I will get out of your way.  Henry says as he moves to give James room to get on his board.

Henry moves out of the way and watches James as he gets on his board.

Pretty cool move James!  Henry says

My turn now!

Yeah!  James cheers as Henry gets on his board.  Let's go!

The boys set off...

Their chatter becomes a distant noise, but I am sure they are discussing who can go the fastest!

Let's hope there aren't any injuries to patch up when they come back inside...

Several hours later...

Tired and exhausted boys arrive back.

It seems Henry and Emrys have had enough of skateboarding although James is riding until the end!

The boys 'dump' their skateboards and have a chat about what to do next.

How about a hot drink of Milo?  Henry asks the boys.

Sure that sounds great!  They reply.

They start to come inside.

Ummm boys...haven't you forgotten something?

In typical boy style the skateboards are left unceremoniously in the garden waiting for the invisible fairy to bring them inside and put them away.

I don't think so!  She has gone on strike...leave the skateboards out there and there will be no hot drink!

Sunday 12 January 2014

Oh Dear!

Too much indulgence in cakes and sweets = poorly boys....

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Dinosaurs, Cars and Cakes!

The boys have finished playing cards.

 Henry and Emrys are busy with cars while James has discovered the dinosaurs.

Rather apt as James has on the dinosaur pyjamas!  

I wonder which car is faster?

Emrys thinks it is his.  James isn't so sure....but then he isn't likely to agree with his brother now is he?

Henry suggests it is perhaps time to have some snacks...

Wow, just look at all these cakes...not sure I see anything healthy to eat amongst that lot!

Emrys reaches over to grab a slice of cake, Henry watches on to see which one he is going to choose, whilst James is still on an island surrounded by dinosaurs in his imagination.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Building Dens.

With the weather being wild and wet, there seems nothing else that can be done apart from build dens under tables and have a pyjama day.

Dens are 'top secret' and I was lucky enough to glimpse Henry, Emrys and James playing a game of cards...most of the time it has been all closed up and admittance by password only, one I am not privy to!

There has been lots of giggling, scheming and whispers...I'm not sure they got a lot of sleep during the night as several times they had to be told to go to sleep.  But boys will be boys...I would imagine they will crash out later today when they least expect it!  Probably while they are watching a DVD!

I would imagine they will be venturing out soon for food!  I am surprised there is not a stash of goodies in here already, or perhaps they have finished it all.

I think Henry has a bit of a faraway look in his eyes, so I don't think it will long before they request something to eat, so I better get cracking!

Saturday 4 January 2014

First Aid

Oh look James, the poor little hedgehog has a sore nose.  Emrys tells James.

What's up guys?  Henry asks when he comes across the two boys looking quite worried.

Look Henry the poor hedgehog has a sore nose.  Emrys shows Henry.

What shall we do?  James asks.

Well we could get a plaster to put on it.  Henry suggests.

Hey that is a great idea!  Emrys agrees.

Do you think it will work? James asks.

Well we can only try.  Henry says.

Emrys and James put the plaster on the little hedgehogs nose.

There that should make it better.  Henry says.

What a great idea Henry.  Emrys says as the boys walk back inside mission accomplished.  

Yeah, James agrees...I like plasters.  

Friday 3 January 2014

The bird feeder - part two.

Well after a few days very wet weather it has at last stopped raining so the boys took the opportunity to see if they could get the bird table standing upright again...

So how do you think we are going to get it standing up?  Emrys asks Henry.

It is very heavy and big.  James says.

Well I thought we would use this rope.  Henry tells them as he reaches down to pick it up. about we wrap it round here?  Emrys suggests.

Here, like this.  James and Emrys wrap the rope round the base of the bird table.

Henry watches on.

How did you learn to tie ropes?  Henry asks them.

We live on a farm, and so we often have to tie ropes - or at least Dad has to.  The boys tell him.

My Mum grew up on a farm.  Henry tells the boys.  She says they used ropes for horses, cattle, sheep, tying fences and gates up temporarily and also in the garden.  The Sailor has learnt to tie ropes in scouts and for his job.

Cool!  James and Emrys say.  The Sailor must have had such fun in the Scouts.

They finish tying the rope round the base of the bird table.

I'll push and you pull.  Emrys calls out as James and Henry hold the rope at the other end.

Ready, on the count of three pull!  Shouts Emrys....   One, Two, Three!

The boys pull the rope.  It takes a lot of pulling, panting and puffing and heaving and loud grunts that only boys can make, but eventually all the effort is worth it.

Wow!  We did it!  Henry says.

Of course we did.  Emrys says.  We are strong!

Trouble do we get it into the garden?  James asks.

Um, well I think we will have to get Dad to do that.  Henry replies.

The bird table is moved and Emrys surveys it and the garden to make sure it is in the right spot.

Looking good up here.  He calls out!

In the mood for a spot of climbing they walk down the garden to the apple tree.

James is first up the tree.

Wooeee, look at me!  He cries out.  Here I am up a tree!

Not to be outdone by his brother, Emrys is quickly up the tree as well.

Hey there Bro, he calls out!

Careful up there guys.  Henry says.  I'll be up in a mo!

Hmmm... lots of bare branches at this time of the year.  Henry thinks to himself.

Boo!  Henry says as he climbs up behind James and startles him.

Hey, careful there Henry!  I could have fallen.  I thought you were climbing up the other side of the tree and then all of a sudden you are behind me!  James says laughing.

The boys enjoy climbing the tree and playing in the garden...I can't say they were clean when they came in after there play!