Friday 3 January 2014

Great team work!

Well after a couple of days of serious lego building we finally finished making the Mustang.

It was a lot of work!  James and Emrys were a great help and we were a great team.

Kept us busy and quiet for a long time - or so Mum says.

Of course she had to keep us supplied with plenty of snacks to sustain us through the arduous building process, but we stuck to it and....

...ta da!  

Looks great doesn't it?

Now off to make the most of the day - it is not raining!  


  1. That is a great Lego Mustang, well done boys!
    Now, do you keep them together like this or do you break them up to make again another day?

  2. Wow! Big human bro, Jake, will be quite envious! He's been a Lego fanatic all his life. I like this Gregor sized stuff.

  3. I'm so glad to see the bird table standing once more and well done on the lego Mustang too. With also those tiny parts I bet Mum was glad of the hours of peace!