Sunday 12 January 2014

Oh Dear!

Too much indulgence in cakes and sweets = poorly boys....


  1. Oh, Emrys! Don't miss that bucket.... I don't think Auntie Lorraine wants to clean up after you!

  2. Oh Henry! I hope the boys feel better soon.

  3. Oh dear! I did wonder if this might happen when I saw all the 'goodies' that they were eating!!!
    Boys will be boys though, there's no telling them!!!

  4. I really enjoy your blog, Henry, You are such a generous lad to share your adventures with all of us.
    I hope some of my boys can return the favor. I am not a great blogger. It takes me a bit of time to correct my typo( that is errors, miskeys) Very hard to finish quick emails to folks. Thank your for friend, me and the kids that live here. Will we see you again this summer in the state?