Friday 16 May 2014

Emrys, James & I visit Wrest Park

Taking advantage of the lovely weather we went to visit the English Heritage Property Wrest Park today

This is the house - pretty impressive isn't it? This French style house was built between 1834 and 1839

This is the back.

James, Emrys and I are looking forward to running round the huge gardens.

Looking down the garden from the house.

A lot of work has been done on the house and the gardens since Mum and Dad were last here...which they worked out was almost three years ago.  This is the colourful garden is the French Garden.

The Chinese bridge over the river.

Hopefully there was no trolls under it!

We think this is the family crest and perhaps that this is when the bridge was built.

Wow that is old!

We were excited to see baby goslings.

We discover the family pet cemetery

This one was called Nissy.  Emrys says.

Look!  I've found one called Tiger

This one says that Little Dick was the favourite dog of Lady Annabel.

We think it is sad, but a nice memorial garden for the beloved pets.

This is the Thomas Archer Pavilion that could be seen from the house.  This Baroque style Pavilion was built in 1711!

Inside it were very narrow winding staircases that led to two rooms at the top with views of the garden.

Looking back towards the house from the Pavilion

Cygnets with their parents.

Statue of Neptune.

The Bowling Green House.


This is a bath house built as a rustic folly in 1770 and is typical of the English landscape style of gardening introduced by Marchioness Jemima Grey.

Chilling at the foot of the tree discussing our day and what to do next.


The Orangery built in the 1830s at the same time as the main house.  This once housed Earl de Grey's orange trees....guess that is why it is called the Orangery!

We walk back through the Italian Garden, one of three formal flower gardens.  It was created by Earl de Grey for his wife Henrietta.

We finished the day with a yummy ice cream!