Sunday 10 February 2019

Travel Bag!

Thanks to Aunty Marti, Mum made me a travel bag this morning for my little travel companion, Abel, much like the one she uses to take me on my travels.

I'll be able to put any treasures I collect while out and about, and it means I will be able to have my hands free for using my camera, climbing or just hiking etc...

Saturday 9 February 2019

Packed and a New Travel Friend!

Time to start sorting through my other clothes to decide what to take with me...

Gosh, I've got quite the pile here, and this is just a fraction of my wardrobe.

So first things first, I will need some shorts and t shirts.

These are the ones I've chosen.The two pairs of shorts on the left are my two newest pairs that Mum made me in January.  The blue shorts with white t shirt are what Kendal bought me for my first trip to NZ back in 2012.

Hmmm, thing seems to be missing....oh I know!

My favourite Pukeko shirt will go with my new shorts too.

Something smart to wear 'just in case'...I wonder, do I need two shirts?  I'll pack two for now.

My raincoat of course.

Now, this is a difficult I pack these in case I need to help Pop?  

Not sure if they will is all pretty well packed in here now.

The apron should fit...

Yup, I can get that in.  I wonder where the rest of my tools are though?!

Really don't think these are going to fit in though.  Perhaps I won't take them.  I've got plenty of other clothes.

All fits.

Oh, hello who are you?

Look I have a new travel companion.

I wonder what I shall call him.

He is a cute fellow.  I think I will call him Abel, after Abel Tasman the first explorer to find New Zealand.

There you can sit there for now with Troji.

Only 9 days left before we go.  I am SO much more organised than Mum is.  She hasn't done any packing or anything yet!  I think I'll have to help her.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

More Packing Preparations.

Having sorted out my beach wear and equipment yesterday, I turned my attention to footwear today.

I sorted out what I'm going to take:  I will definitely need my  Wellington Boots (Gumboots in NZ) as if it rains I will need them, my walking boots made especially for me by Jean Jensen back in 2012 I think it was and my red trainers which are my go to footwear.  I've already packed my sandals  into the beach bag.  

Only one pair of socks Henry?  Oh, you have a pair on and the other pair are currently in the wash.

Now what else shall I sort through?

Oh my laptop, now I might need this,

Don't forget Henry there is no internet access at Pop's house.  

Oh, you can use it if we go out to the knitting group can you?  That is probably a good idea, then you won't get bored if there is no one to play with.

Look at all my badges I have collected over the years.  They all represent places I have been.

The Olympics when they were held in London.  A Welsh Dragon when we went to Wales.  The Sailor when we have visited Ship Museums, and of course The Sailor himself who will be taking us round his boat in Auckland.  The Koala from when we went to Australia and of course a Kiwi.

Flags to represent other places we have been or live. Plus my Sheriffs badge from Tombstone, Arizona. 

I think I have some more badges somewhere that I haven't added to my bag yet.  I must see if I can find them.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

I've started! NZ Here I Come...

I've been busy going through my clothes box to find things I want to take to New Zealand with me. I missed going last year due to my falling and lack of hair issue so am excited to be going again this year.  I've selected a pile of things that I now have to go through and sort properly as quite obviously I can't take them all!

I think I will sort out my beach stuff first.

Bucket and spades - probably can't take all the digging tools, so will have to choose a couple.

Swimming shorts, towel, beach bag and sandals - check.

Hmm....what have I forgotten?

Oh I know!

My sunglasses and hat of course!

That will do for now, I will sort through some more things tomorrow.