Thursday 30 April 2015


Henry's 'Mum' speaking:

My trip to New Zealand was difficult and seeing my Mum suffering with Alzheimer's and my Dad and sister also suffering with the ramifications this brings was extremely tough and to leave them was heartbreaking.  I feel so very torn and scared, it has been a difficult time.  I miss them all so very much as well as the beautiful country New Zealand is.

On reflection though I need the distraction the dolls bring, whether through creative play, or making things and so for the time being at least will continue to blog until I really know what I want to do.

Sometimes it is all too easy to make rash decisions that you might regret.  I didn't miss the dolls while I was away and it was almost a chore to actually make the effort to take photos so I could do some posts with them when I returned that it got me thinking WHY do I have them? WHY do I blog?  So yes at times I  feel like getting rid of the lot and just keeping Henry and a core group of three or four, ....but....and it is a BIG reality I just don't think I can really do this - at least not at this stage. Henry and I have met so many fabulous people through the Sasha hobby and I don't think I could give that up lightly.  Plus I would imagine Henry would have something to say about it anyway!

Thank you to those who took the time to leave a comment or message me - it was very much appreciated and encouraging to know that others are sharing my enjoyment of Henry and his adventures.   There are still some lovely people out there!

I was going to put this blog onto subscription only, but it seems there are more people reading and enjoying it than I realised, so will leave it as it is, hopefully easily accessible to all.

So without further ado, I will pass the blog back to Henry who still has two New Zealand blog posts to write about and share.

Hi, Henry here!  Blog post tomorrow of my day on the beach....

Thursday 23 April 2015

Blogging Break

After quite a bit of thinking and wanting to do more, I have decided to close my blogs down for a while.  Not sure how many are actually reading it any more anyway and I think it is time for a break. This is due to various reasons that I don't wish to go into due to 'Chinese Whispers' and other hurts that seem to occur when things are said 'third hand'.   I will leave this up for the next few days so that anyone who does will know 'where they have gone'.  Maybe I will come back refreshed and more enthusiastic, maybe I will give up the whole blogging lark and dolls altogether, at this stage I just don't know...all I know is they are no longer 'bringing me joy' and surely that is the whole point of a hobby? 

Henry may still post to this blog but will do so privately and will only be accessible through subscription only, so if anyone wants to keep up with Henry's Adventures, please email us..

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Down Under in New Zealand - Kerikeri

One of Mum's favourite places in New Zealand is Kerikeri and we were lucky enough to spend a couple of days there while we were over in NZ.  We enjoyed a lovely walk to the Fairy & Rainbow Falls.  

The New Zealand bush is quite a bit different to the English is more dense and green.  There was an easy walking track though - over the years places are a lot more accessible for the general population than they used to be and this is good in some ways.

There always has to be a 'board walk' somewhere in the bush - this is to protect the fragile roots and ecosystems from being destroyed by many feet tramping over them.  

They put the wire on them to stop them getting slippery as it can often be damp in the bush.   It wasn't damp today as the summer weather has been fantastic, but it was nice and cool in the bush and plenty of shade cover was provided.

If you walk quietly you can hear all sorts of native birds sing and you often see little fantails flitting to and fro.

There is something special about walking through such a beautiful place.

Of course there is always a chance for some rock climbing.

A boy's got to do what a boy's got to do!

Ta Da!

What you couldn't see me?  Here I am!

I inspect this tree that seems to be growing round the rock  boulders.

Quite intriguing...I think at some stage there must have been a slip and the tree went with the rocks and ended up growing round them.

Swinging in the vines is always a bit of fun.

Look, no hands!

Oh hang, on this is a better view of no hands!

Quiet contemplation was needed after all that excitement...

Listening to the waterfall was so restful

Time for some mischief!

Mum wasn't too happy to see me draped over this rock near the muddy water, I can tell you!

I mess around for a while before we head back on track.

Having just seen the fairy falls we now head towards the rainbow falls

Oh, what are these?

Little orange fungi growing on some branch debris.

Yikes!  I'm stuck!

Help!  Get me out of here!   

Only kidding - I thought it would be fun to get between these two rocks.

Some balancing is also called for.

More climbing!

Quite hard work this was....

Oh, hang on a minute, what is this?

An old wasp nest by the looks of glad it didn't have any wasps still in it!

Before we get to Rainbow Falls we come across Fairy Pools - funny how everywhere in the world there seems to be various variations of fairy and rainbow falls, springs and pools!

The reflections were amazing.

Finally!  Here I am at Rainbow Falls.  

Still quite a bit of water considering the summer has been so dry.

Time to head back.

I am tired so Aunty J carries me...

Sunday 19 April 2015

The Butterfly Garden in Changi Airport Singapore

On the way home from New Zealand we had a six hour transit wait in Changi Airport in Singapore...that was a lot of time to wait!  Fortunately while wandering around the airport we found something really interesting to do...

Yes that is right a butterfly garden right in the airport!

I couldn't wait to get inside to see all the different types of butterflies.

The first butterfly I saw was just inside the entrance and it was rather large!  The colour of it matched my cardigan and trainers!

It really was quite beautiful and just sat there on the rock for all to admire it.

Walking through this wonderful butterfly garden we saw lots of really beautiful butterflies.

It was really humid in the gardens and I wished I still had shorts and a t shirt on!

What is this I spy?  

A black butterfly!

It was pretty amazing to get this close - it reminded me of the butterfly gardens that I took Pinny and Ryder to nearly two years ago

There was even a waterfall in the garden!

Just imagine it...a waterfall garden in an airport!

Really quite spectacular!

Found another...

and some more...

I wonder if I can work out the names of the butterflies I saw?