Sunday 19 April 2015

The Butterfly Garden in Changi Airport Singapore

On the way home from New Zealand we had a six hour transit wait in Changi Airport in Singapore...that was a lot of time to wait!  Fortunately while wandering around the airport we found something really interesting to do...

Yes that is right a butterfly garden right in the airport!

I couldn't wait to get inside to see all the different types of butterflies.

The first butterfly I saw was just inside the entrance and it was rather large!  The colour of it matched my cardigan and trainers!

It really was quite beautiful and just sat there on the rock for all to admire it.

Walking through this wonderful butterfly garden we saw lots of really beautiful butterflies.

It was really humid in the gardens and I wished I still had shorts and a t shirt on!

What is this I spy?  

A black butterfly!

It was pretty amazing to get this close - it reminded me of the butterfly gardens that I took Pinny and Ryder to nearly two years ago

There was even a waterfall in the garden!

Just imagine it...a waterfall garden in an airport!

Really quite spectacular!

Found another...

and some more...

I wonder if I can work out the names of the butterflies I saw?


  1. What beautiful photos. Please put me on your list to get your blogs, and please don't give up your dolls.
    Rosie Shortell.

  2. Wonderful to find a butterfly haven in an airport. We visited Blenheim palace butterfly garden on Easter day and saw some which were similar to some of these, beautiful.

  3. What a fabulous idea to keep you occupied and amused whilst having to wait the six hours for your next plane connection.
    I'm now thinking that every airport should have some section with enjoyment and interest to amuse and stop you from getting frustrated and bored whilst you endlessly 'hang around' waiting to board your next flight. Perhaps a Sasha Exhibition would be a great idea in one of England's, Germany's or Switzerland's airports .....and with items to purchase!
    (I once did a very successful British Butterfly topic with my primary school pupils and went to vist the Butterfly World in Anglesey, North Wales.)