Thursday 16 April 2015

Down Under in New Zealand - Pataua

While in New Zealand we had five days away 'up north'.  We stayed a couple of nights in Whangarei with Mum's friend.  She took us to Pataua Bay - at last the beach!

Pataua has a 'North and a South' Beaches and one is really quiet as it is in a cove, and the other a bit more rugged.  We parked at the first and had a little walk round before walking across the bridge to the other.

Mum also has a friend who is fortunate enough to live her, only metres from the beach, but sadly she was at work so we couldn't visit.

The beach at Pataua North has lots of shells on it!

Yeah, I just love the beach!

How funny to see flowers growing in the sand.

Bright sunshiny yellow!

Across the bridge  to Pataua South - it is quite long.

Later on in the afternoon there were a group of school children having great fun jumping off this bridge.  I wanted to have a go as well, but Mum wouldn't let me....she muttered something about hair and loss....can't think what she was talking about.

Nearly there.

This is the view from the bridge - it was quite a cloudy day unfortunately - pretty much the only one we had the entire time we were in New Zealand - and it rained later in the afternoon.

Now we are at the other bay, Pataua South - more exposed and rugged and the waves crashing in on the beach - a good surfing beach.

I don't know why Mum's two friends kept yelling something about the waves and being careful?

I turn round to see what all the fuss was about.

Wah hey!  Here they come.  Exciting!

Of course there is always some great drift wood to climb and survey the surroundings on.

A little later we walk back round the bay a different way to that which we came.  I find this old engine in the sand.

More drift wood to climb!

This one gave a great view.

I think this sums it up quite nicely!


  1. what fun you had, Henry! Was the water cold? It looks cold to me, but then you remember Arizona where everything is definitely NOT cold!

    1. The water was cold here that day as it wasn't an especially nice day, but on Orewa Beach the water was lovely and warm. The average temperature for the whole six weeks we were in New Zealand was probably between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius although it did get hotter at times. Of course not as hot as Arizona!

  2. Henry, I bet you wanted to go surfing too but I expect Mum will have muttered something more about hair and loss if you'd suggested that as well. Such a beautiful place to visit.

    1. Yes she did mutter something along those lines! Imagine living there?! Mum's friend is SO lucky to live on the beach....although I think I would be worried about those tooth sami things that people talk about that wash everything away!

  3. Hi Henry, My name is Angelo Sasha and I live on the South Island of New Zealand! I'd like to be friends. You can find me at I was born in England, then I lived for a long time in the USA and now I live in New Zealand, the best place ever! I'm happy to see that you like it, too.

    1. Hi Angelo, how wonderful that you live in New Zealand - I hope we will one day, we just love it there! I would love to be friends with you and am going to 'pop over' and look at your blog. Thanks for commenting on my blog. :-)

  4. Hi Henry! What a beautiful place to visit, a true paradise. So glad your Mum is looking out for you. Don't want to take a tumble in the surf. Looks like great fun on those most interesting pieces of drift wood. What a great time!!! :) xxx

  5. Another great adventure! How lucky are you then? YOU must now be the most travelled Gregor in the world!
    Absolutely beautiful scenery yet again!