Thursday 12 September 2019

Postcards from Around the World

Okay so this isn't a post about one of my holidays, but it is a post about other people's holidays and my postcard collection.  As some of you may remember I collect postcards, to keep and to send to my friends.  Luckily some of my friends send postcards back to me and that is always exciting.  The other week I opened my fabulous parcel from my friends at Gregoropolis in the USA.  You about it on our other blog here:  Wonderful Gift Box.  Today I finally got round to putting the postcards I received in that parcel into my postcard album, along with a fabulous card I got from my friend Maisy in Ireland yesterday.  Apparently she has lived there for two years now! That was a real surprise. Please, please Maisy, can you message me and send me your address so I can write back to you.  Thank you :)

Anyway look at these great postcards:

This one is from Minnesota's largest candy store.  It must have been fun visiting there.

Next is a great postcard from Cincinnati Zoo.

Gosh wish I could have gone there.

Pete Dakota sent me this card, he knows how much I like animals.  Sounds like it was a really fun day.  Wish I could have gone with them!

Cincinnati, hey I have been there.  I went there for my first USA Sasha Festival.  It was such amazing fun.  I was so sorry I had to miss out on going again this year.  But how wonderful that my friends thought of me and sent these great cards.

This one is from BR.

I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself at the Festival and had such a good time.  It was such fun that you also got me a Cincinnati Reds baseball helmet. I will think of you and Pete when wearing it!

This postcard came through the letterbox yesterday so was a real surprise.  Who do we know in Ireland?

It is from our friend Maisy.  Wow it says she now lives there.  It asks how many postcards I have from Ireland?  This is the first!  Thank you Maisy it was such fun to receive this. 

 Please let me know your address so I can write to you.  

I've put my postcards in my album.  I love looking through it.  Such great memories and also ideas of places I'd like to visit someday from those cards sent by my dear friends.

Thank you Pete Dakota, BR from Gregoropolis and from Maisy in Ireland!