Tuesday 27 August 2013

Henry becomes Harry Potter?

Henry (aka Harry Potter) couldn't wait to try out some of the magic tricks he'd read about in the spell books he received in the 'Back to School Swap

He decided to practice on a frog in the little pond in the garden....

Rory and Ryder approach this 'magician' to see what he is up to.

Ryder looks a bit concerned once he realises what Henry  I mean Harry was up to.

Rory is even more alarmed!  Hang on a minute who is that behind Hen  Harry?

In his distress Rory doesn't notice.  Neither do the other lads.

Stop Henry you can't do that!  Rory shouts at Henry  who of course ignores him as that is no longer his name!

$%nahbo*^@jmbo    Harry chants as he waves his wand, oblivious to Rory's distress.  (Most unlike Henry who is normally a thoughtful kind hearted fellow)

With a hiss and a bang and sparks flying....sending Ryder to the ground stunned and Rory looking on in amazement.

What's this?  A troll!  Even Henry I mean Harry is stunned.


Rory and Ryder look on in amazement....Henr  Harry's glasses have even been jolted up in the excitement....

A troll...troll...a troll.... Rory gasps! What has happened to my frog?

Well Henry?  What has happened to my frog?  Rory asks.

I don't know Rory, I really don't I didn't think this would really happen.  Henry replies.  It must be well...

Umm....well it is umm....magic you see....stutters Henry or is it Harry?

Poor, poor Rory, he looks quite upset....

Ryder tries to reassure him when he sees how upset he is that it was just a trick and not real magic.

But I saw it go kaboom and my frog changed into a troll...sobs Rory

It's okay really Ryder reassures him.  It didn't really happen.  It's that naughty punk troll playing tricks.

The little frog pops out from underneath the bushes where the troll hid him.

Henry sits down, deciding it is far too hard work being Harry Potter.  The little frog hops on his lap.

Here Rory, come and get your frog.

Rory gives his frog a hug.  

I am sorry Rory, I was just playing make believe, I didn't realise that naughty troll was going to play tricks.  Henry explains to Rory.

Fortunately Rory is quite forgiving once he realises his frog is okay.  

Henry is not sure this magic lark is for him.

Ryder looks rather bemused by it all.  He will certainly have some stories to tell when he goes home.

As for the troll.....

Sunday 25 August 2013

Skateboarding and a gift from Hester.

This afternoon Ryder and I managed to get outside for the afternoon and thought we would practice some stunts on the skateboard....

We were soon joined by Ollie who grabbed hold of Ryder's hand and asked if he too could have a go on the skateboard.

I explained to him that this one was probably a little big but I had just thing for him inside.

"Look, this is just your size Ollie, Hester sent it to me, wasn't that nice of her".  She didn't realise I already had one, but I knew just who these little skateboards would be perfect for....Claudius (who is busy with Rory somewhere) and Ollie.

Really do you think I could go on this?  Ollie looks to Ryder for reassurance.

Of course you can Ollie, I'll help you.  Ryder says to Ollie.

Ryder helps Ollie on the skateboard and I hold his hand as well.

We let go....

Look Ollie - no hands!

That's it you can do it!

Ollie is thrilled that he has managed to stand up on the skateboard...but then suddenly has the wobbles...

I grab hold of him to help him balance before letting go again.

Wow!  Look at you!  I cheer while Ryder hops on the skateboard to show Ollie what to do.

Ollie turns to watch Ryder, unsure if he can really do the sorts of things the big boys do

but willing to give a go.

What a star!   I say to Ollie.  Just as Ollie loses his balance....uh oh...

Ollie decides sitting on the skateboard is safer.  We tell him that he did really well for his first go.

Thank you Hester for the wonderful little skateboards - I am sure Ollie will be showing Claudius what he can do next and I can imagine Claudius wanting a turn as well, so good thing there are two!  

Saturday 24 August 2013

Wet day

A very wet day tried to stop play,
But we know better how to have fun 
Splashing in puddles
and getting in muddles (or rather muddy as Mum said) 
We certainly had fun outside today.

Thursday 8 August 2013

Ryder's Holiday - Boys at Play.

Mum is in 'decluttering' mode and Dad is busy preparing for the World Computer Chess Championships so he can't take us anywhere at the moment.  Still that isn't a problem as there really is lots to do around home.

We all enjoyed going off for a bike ride.  Well I say bike, but Ryder rode the scooter and Caleb took the skateboard.

We come up the front path full of all we saw....Bobby took us some of the local places he went past when he went on his attempted  'trip to Devon'  last year.  

We had a grand time and wonder what to do next....

So what do you suggest Caleb? I ask.

Let's play hide and seek, he suggests.

We all agree that is a good idea and Bobby chooses to be the one to seek, while we three boys hide.

20, 19, 18.....9, 8, 7, 6,.....2,1!

Coming ready or not! He shouts.

Caleb thinks he has found a good place behind the rhubarb tyre.

Unfortunately for him, his red shoes give him away and Bobby soon spots him.

Found you!

You can come out now Caleb, Bobby tells him.  Now I wonder who I will find next?

Ryder thinks he has found a good hiding place on the old picnic table....he clambers down to hide behind the folded up seat.

He'll never find me here....he thinks to himself.  Little does he know that his head is exposed.

Bobby is sure someone would have hidden in the shrubbery, and wanders over to have a look.

What's that?  He turns his head towards a sound.  Hmmm, it is coming from the direction of the old picnic table. He walks towards it.

Aha!  Bobby grins and thinks to himself.  I can see someone's head!

I can see you!   Ryder however stays as quiet as he can hoping Bobby can't really see him, after all he can't see Bobby!

Bobby climbs up.  Ryder, I have found you!  Ryder turns his head and sighs...Fair cop.  So who is left? He asks.

Just Henry. Bobby tells him.  I wonder where he has hidden?

I have hidden behind the tree, hoping that Bobby won't find me.

I peek out...

Uh Oh, I better hide....

Bobby looks over at the tree...Is that a hand I see?  He asks himself.

Climbing over some of the fallen branches Bobby finds me.

You found me!  I cheer!  Well done Bobby.

We re-group on the lawn to decide what to do next.