Thursday 1 August 2013

Ryder discovers insects and butterflies!

Well what a fantastic day it is today after the beginning of the week which was wet, wet, wet!  The adults said it was good for the garden, but we prefer the sunshine.

I wanted to take Ryder to Butterfly World.  I know I've taken Pinny there, but it is such fun and I thought Ryder might like to explore a bit.

We enjoyed watching the fish in the pond

I played with the water as it was so tempting to get wet!

At another pond we saw quite a bit of wildlife.

Dragonflies, water boatmen and tadpoles!

Oh Rory would have loved to have seen these!

We enjoyed looking for creepy crawlies in all sorts of places.

Can you see anything?  I asked Ryder

Of course there is always time for some climbing, and this structure I am sure was made for just such climbing.

We could pretend we are Robin Hood & Little John  Ryder suggested.

Look this log is perfect!  All we need now are some sticks to fight with!

While looking for our ''weapons"  we got distracted....

Ryder looks like he is thinking....of what I'm not sure.  

Ah....he wanted a rest it was just sooo hot.

We get up to a little mischief...but kept away from the water.

Ryder enjoys a spot of climbing

I think he was after the bike.  I explained we have one at home that he can ride.

Have you found any yet?  I ask Ryder

I'm not sure.  What does a stag beetle look like?  Ryder replies.

Well I suppose it looks a bit like a stag?  It is black and has these horns.  I explain.

While looking for the stag beetle we come across a little gathering of gnomes.  Who explain just what a stag beetle looks like and what it does and how it helps the environment.

Uh Oh!

How do we get down from here?  Ryder asks rather shakily.

I'm not sure I'm looking to see if there is anyway to get down.  I reply.

Do you think if we jump it will be a soft landing?  asks Ryder.

I don't think so.  I tell him.

Indeed it really was a long way down...fortunately some big people rescued us from the giants plant pot.

Goodness, just look at that giant seed packet!  Exclaims Ryder.  We really have stumbled into the Land of the Giants.

Lets get out of here,  I suggest.

It was my turn to be lucky in the Butterfly House today when a butterfly landed on my hat.

Hey wow Henry, did you know you have a butterfly on your hat?  Ryder asks me.

Well yes Ryder I do! 

While wandering around the wild flower gardens we were lucky to see a number of interesting butterflies and insects.

I'm not sure what this one is called.  May be a Speckled Wood?

A Bumble Bee on the Echinacea

A Peacock Butterfly

A Small White butterfly

A Green-Veined White butterfly

A Six-spot Burnet moth and some bumble bees.

A caterpillar.

Inside the Ant House and Insect House we saw....

Leaf cutter ants


A Giant Cockroach!

A large snail

A stick insect.  

Where to next I wonder?  

Dinosaur World hopefully!


  1. fantastic pics and story..Lorraine...i loved to read..

  2. These photos are just wonderful in every way!!!!! Henry is a fabulous host and Ryder looks like he is having a great time!!! The insects are amazing, love the butterflys, bees, locusts, and even the cockroach!! Great photos and I love seeing the boys together :)

    1. Ryder is indeed having a great time. Hoping to go to Wimpole Hall Farm and the Dinosaur Safari next week.

  3. What a wonderfully 'hands on' experience of nature at it's best.
    Was only sorry that Rory wasn't able to go along too as that would have definitely been 'right up his street.'

    1. If we'd known Rory would have definitely have come along! Still now we know that tadpoles are out in force, we might go to one of the local parks to see if there are any in the ponds there.

  4. What a fun day... You nearly had a pet butterfly to take home, Henry! You and your family are great hosts. Are there any vacancies for summer visitors Chez Henry this year?

    1. Oh there are definitely vacancies for summer visitors! Just email me :-)

  5. What a great and varied adventure Ryder and Henry had on that day, especially all that climbing about and talking to gnomes! Lovely photos of butterflies too.

  6. The boys look like they are having a great time - so much fun to be out exploring with a friend.
    I love seeing all the pictures - except for the large snail thing - Eeehck!