Sunday 28 July 2013

Ryder and I do some work in the garden.

Mum asked us if we would do some work in one of the vegetable boxes to get it ready for planting.  I asked Ryder if he was keen to do some digging.  You bet he agreed!

Mind you, not sure if Ryder quite knew what he was letting himself in for!  It was a jungle of weeds!

We toiled away most of the afternoon.

I think we could have done with larger tools!  How small does Mum think we are?  I mean really?  No wonder it too us ages.  A new spade, fork and rake OUR size are on our wish list!

Getting rid of the last of the weeds...

Into the wagon, ready to take to the compost heap.

Ta Da!  A job well done.

Now for that ice cream we were promised.


  1. Wonderful photos clearing the vegetable boxes!!! Ryder looks like he enjoys good, honest work :). Henry is a great buddy :)

    1. He certainly seems to enjoy working and helping out.

  2. Can you send them over here for a spot of gardening? Could do with some extra help at my late mother's bungalow as never seem to have the enery after tackling mine.
    What are you now planning to plant in there?
    I love the Radio Flyer wagons. Perfect as a prop on these occasions.

    1. We're still deciding what to plant in the boxes. Hoping to decide by the weekend....oops that is tomorrow!

      The boys just love their wagon.