Wednesday 3 July 2013

We go to Butterfly World

Well what a fabulous way to spend the afternoon.

We had a trip to Butterfly World today and had a lovely time walking through the gardens admiring all the pretty flowers.

These red roses were so bright they matched my gillet and trainers!

Do you think we will see any butterflies?  Pinny asks me.

Well we didn't expect to see this!  I bet it looks great when it is all planted up with flowers.

Gives a new meaning to flower bed.

Behind us is a 'kitchen' garden

The bug gardens utilised all sorts of 'rubbish/junk'

Surely not a crayfish?!

Help I am caught in a spiders web!  Pinny calls out.

So am I!

We are both trapped!

Glad we didn't see the big spider that must have built these webs!

Time or was it 'Thyme' garden?

Watching the fish.


Having a little sit down and a chat.

The ginonminous flowerpot.

Humongous key!

Sunshine yellow flowers.

Shall we go into the Tropical Butterfly house now?  I ask Pinny

Oh yes lets!  Pinny replies.

Oh wow, look at the size of this butterfly!

Lots and lots of butterfly pictures coming up.

My Mum loves butterflies and we have one on the front of our house.

Hmm...not sure what these two are doing!

Stand still Pinny - there is a butterfly on your arm!  Once the butterfly had flown off, Pinny pulled her t-shirt down.

Feeding on some fruit.

Another drinking from the fruit.

A butterfly lands on Pinny's head.

There was a house with ants in - Leaf Cutter Ants - and we learnt all about them as there was a talk being given.  It was very interesting as they are so organised and kept busy all the time.  Apparently the Queen Ant, lives about 15 years and is the size of a baby mouse!  Isn't that incredible?!

This one looks a bit bigger than a baby mouse!

Thank goodness they are not this size in real life.


  1. Beautiful report Henry, and you had so much fun. Imagine all these giant floer pots and tools to play in/ with. Butterfly part is lovely too and they are so friendly! Thanks for sharing, it is almost as if I was there with you! Fanny

    1. Thank you Aunty Fanny, I am so glad you enjoyed our trip to the Butterfly World. It was such fun seeing all the amazing butterflies.

  2. 1) The plastic lobster hops in the yellow truck at night and weeds the garden. He must have read "The Elves and the Shoemaker," as all good crustaceans do.

    2) I was thinking of putting butterflies on a quilt I'm trying to finish with botanical motifs. You can fussy-cut fabric for the wings and get all kinds of effects.

    3) Pinny is getting awfully fond of Superman...

    1. Of course! Didn't think of that ;-)

      A friend made the most fabulous butterfly quilt - I think I have photos of it on The Balancing Kiwi blog. It was a real work of art.

      She is indeed....I notice in the butterfly house that they are holding hands - I didn't realise that when I took the photo!

  3. Absolutely loved the Adventure!!! Such lucky Doll Friends...

  4. A simply wonderful post. Great to see Pinny and Henry enjoying nature first hand. Love the way the butterflies were landing on Pinny and hope that one or two were attracted to 'Dear' Henry.
    I remember taking my school class to the Butterfly House in Anglesey in North Wales when we were doing a Butterfly Project/Topic. We even managed to hatch some butterflies from the caterpillars that we had found and fed on nettle leaves.

  5. What a fun day meeting all those butterflies. Have you been to the butterfly place near Bath? My grandparents took us there in 1985, it was one of the highlights of our trip to the UK that year, don't know if it is still open.

  6. These photos are so very special!!!! I love the different gardens and how did did Henry manage to get behind the fencing covering the red car door? It looked enclosed!!! The giant spider web is just awesome and Henry and Pinny are having the best time :). I especially love the many butterfly photos with their brilliant colors. Catching the butterflys on Pinny two times is remarkabl!! We consider that a sign of good luck or a sign from a loved one. So Pinny is definitely lucky to be with you and she is very loved. The hand holding is the cutest. <3

  7. What a lovely day out Lorraine! The kids must have had a fantastic time. Can you tell me where is this Butterfly World? It looks very interesting. I love the different gardens, the thymme one and the big spiders web....wouldn't like to have been stuck in the web when the owner came back!
    I really like those photos where Henry and Pinny are laying down looking into the pond!

    1. Hi Sharon, the Butterfly World is in St Albans.