Friday 19 July 2013

USA - Day 1 & 2

On 9th July I boarded a Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow airport to Washington Dulles airport in the USA.  It was a great trip - although we only just made it onto the plan in time!  

What a beautiful morning it was!

On arrival in the USA it was not so bright - but very hot and humid.

On our way down ...

This is the plan we flew in.

'Miss Sunshine'

Norvell picked us up from the airport and we made our way back to her place in Virginia.

That evening I made friends with her blonde boy, John.

I admired his wonderful dinosaur bone t-shirt that he got from Cassandra - I've put one on my wish list!

Mum said he was handsome...she then added that 'of course he wasn't as handsome as me!'

But then she would have to say that wouldn't she?

The following day Norvell took Mum and I into Washington to see the White House (some of these photos you would have seen in my 'fill in' post while I was away.

The little church that many of the Presidents have worshipped in.

The approach to the White House.

Here I am! 

Okay you have seen the next photos before, but I just wanted to show them again for the fun of it!

Mum & I

Norvell & I

Here I am pointing to the US Secret Service Police Car...this was soooo cool!

I wonder if they will let me in?

Waiting patiently....

Hmm...perhaps I need to wait here?

This building was humongous!

By this stage we really had had enough of the heat....

So we went in here!

The Renwick Gallery

Up the red carpet steps.

Hello, who are you?  

She was a rather strange lady!

This fish was really amazing, it was made out of all sorts of toys and things.

This looked very fragile - a glass spinning wheel.

An interesting piece of furniture.

Lastly a beautiful quilt.

We also saw lots of paintings - some of which Norvell had worked on during her time as a conservationist.


  1. Henry, it looks like you had a fantastic trip! I love your photos and the museum peices are great. I particularly like the fish made from all sorts of toy parts....and he has a Spanish surname, Fuente, which means 'source' or 'fountain', such as a source of water. I know this because it is also one of the two surnames of my future daughter in law!! Anyway, I digress, I think your new friend, Norvells blond boy is very handsome too...did the two of you get on well? My little boys have his tee shirt on their wish list too, amongst others!!!

    1. Oh thank you Sharon for telling me about the artist's name, that is really interesting as I didn't know that. How amazing your DIL has the same surname. I had a really fantastic trip and was amazed at all the things I saw.

  2. Lovely photos Henry!! It was so nice to meet you at the Festival. I am glad you were able to see so many nice things in the USA. Finn and Pinny both send their regards <3

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you Aunty Ginger, it was lovely to meet you as well.

  3. Another fantastic and most interesting post. It's a wonder that your mother's camera isn't completely worn out now.

    About how many memory cards did you take out with you or were you able to transfer some onto a computer or memory stick at various intervals?

    What an extremely knowledgeable young lad you must be now.

    1. He he....just the one memory holds a LOT of photos! ;-)