Sunday 7 July 2013

Well I'm packed and raring to go.

Hi there!  I have been busy packing ready for the Sasha Festival and my trip to the USA

I think I have everything I need...

My raincoat is already in my suitcase.

All set!  How about you Pinny - are you almost packed, ready to go home?

I think I have all my souvenirs...

I've got my Cornish bear.

Now we just have to wait for Mum to get packed and organised!


  1. Oh, had just forgotten that Pinny has to pack too! You've certainly got your hands full with the dolls.... PLUS all the Doll raffle items that you are helping Dawn take over!

    How's Charlotte getting on with getting herself ready to go or is she getting help from you since she might be your 'Dress a Sasha Competition?'

    1. Norvell has kindly offered Mum a blonde girl to borrow for the 'Dress a Sasha Competition' which will make it easier for her with regards to luggage etc... So poor Charlotte won't be going. I better make sure I bring her back a surprise to help her get over her disappointment.

      As for Mum, she has packed the gifts, sales table goodies, and Doll Raffle items...not sure she has any room left for her own stuff!