Sunday 21 July 2013

USA: Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and the American History Museum

On morning we parked and walked into the park on the Mall to see the Lincoln & Vietnam Memorials.

This sculpture was in memory of the nurses who served during the Vietnam War.

My Mum didn't realise just how much the actual Vietnam Memorial would move her, and it brought tears to her eyes, the sheer scale of loss was incredible.

The marble slabs start off very small at the beginning of the war and they just get larger and larger as the casualties mount up

People leave gifts, flags and other things at the memorial and they are all collected, catalogued and stored.

Another sculpture, this time of the soldiers who served.

Approaching the Lincoln Memorial

Here I am in front of it - very impressive it was.  The day was a scorcher and very humid as well.

Looking down from the Lincoln Memorial

Very impressive!

It was so hot we then decided we needed to get into the cool and went to the American History Museum.

On our way there we met some mounted Police and they were kind enough to let me say hello and have a ride!

Nearly there.

Finally inside in the cool we met these man:

He was most curious and said he had only ever had his picture made by a box once before...he was rather odd...I think he must have come forward in time as he kept talking about the 'olden days' as if they were now!

I was delighted to find all sorts of old trains...

and wagons.

I joined this family who were waiting to board the train.

They were all dressed up in their finery.

Hmmm...what is in here?

The grocer was unloading his wagon here, and I was trying to talk to his horse, who seemed busy eating.

Oh my word, this looks like a turkey!

All aboard!

he next photos are for my Mum as these are her two main instruments. 

Of course anyone who knows her also knows of her love of antique Singer Sewing Machines so I had to snap the following photo for her as well...

She has one like this and some older!

How funny and strange, they used to have segregated waiting rooms.  I much prefer it the way we have now where people can mix at will.  This fellow seemed very jovial though and we had a great fun conversation.

I didn't get much conversation from this lady though...

I keep looking up at her hopefully, but she seemed to ignore me and pretend I wasn't there.  Strange!

More trains!

Now this one looks just about the right size for me!

I admired the Police bike.

The next photos I took for the girls at home, as they like to play with dolls and wish they had a dolls house.

I had to admit that I was impressed with all the detail.

Lastly a lovely nursery quilt.

The museum was very interesting and it was nice to be in the cool air.  We decided we weren't going to brave the walk back to the car in the heat and hailed a cab instead!

Next visit....The American Girl Store!


  1. These exhibits are great, I love museums but haven't seen one in years. Interesting for you to see all these iconic monuments.

    Lovely doll house too. Your Hitty cabinet is almost like a doll house with the various rooms and such.

    1. It was wonderful. I guess 'Rose Cottage', our Hitty cabinet is rather like a doll house. PS....I haven't forgotten the carved Hitty I am making is just on a go slow at the moment. Things got in the way earlier in the year.

  2. This visit looks nothing short of FANTASTIC! Just up MY street!
    How lucky were you and 'Dear' Henry.

    Many thanks Henry for your super postcard from America. A lovely treat and surprise for us all.

    1. So glad you have enjoyed this post Kendal. It really was fantastic.