Saturday 20 July 2013

Smithsonian Natural History Museum

On Wednesday morning Norvell took us into Washington for us to see the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

We were held up by lots of police cars and the directing and holding up of traffic...excitement!  That looks like it may be the President's vehicle!

I lost count how many escorting police cars there were both before and after, but there were a lot!

We arrived at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and was I surprised to see this sign!

Yes the elephant shares my name!

How cool is that?!

First place I wanted to visit was the Live Insect Zoo...not for the squeamish!

This was creepy...


Well enough of the insects and on to see the dinosaur exhibition - just what all us boys and girls just love!

Watching the experts at work in an 'open' lab.  Must be like working in a goldfish bowl.

This fellow was big.


This plant was outside the Museum entrance and was just beautiful.

I told Mum when we were looking at the dinosaur bones..."see Mum that is just why I NEED to have one of those wonderful dinosaur t-shirts that Cassandra makes...pleeeaaassse"


  1. A perfect treat for both you and 'Dear' Henry.
    Such a wealth of knowledge and information displayed and stored here. You could literally spend weeks in there and still have things to see and learn about.

    Like Henry I would have been particularly interested in the Dinosaur section! Reminded me of the topics that I used to do with the school kids.

    IMO Henry must be the MOST travelled and sight-seeing doll around. What a very lucky lad he is!

  2. The museum was really interesting and yes you could easily have spent a week there to look, learn and explore.

    Reminds me, must go and take Henry to OUR Natural History Museum...I have an appointment in London next week, so just might take the boys then.