Thursday 4 July 2013

Take time to smell the roses...

Today is probably the last day we will manage to take Pinny out for the day before she returns home to the USA on Tuesday next week, so we thought we would take her to see the 'The Garden of the Rose' 

We arrive early afternoon and start to wander through the lovely gardens.

We admire the roses and watch the bees busy pollinating.

Pinny has a smell to find out if it was these roses that were scented.

Hmm...this one smells nice.

Pinny takes a closer look to enjoy the scent.

These gardens are really beautiful, so many colours and scents to enjoy.

This trellis work is so pretty.

Lots of benches to just sit and relax.

Just look at these aren't they beautiful?

Look Henry

Pinny points out some roses she likes to me.

Suddenly we hear a voice calling...

My goodness another Sasha friend comes wandering over.

Hello Pinny and Henry, how are you enjoying gardens?

Hi there Holly, the gardens are just great aren't they?  We reply.

We wander around together and discuss the roses and how our Mums love their gardens and in particular roses.

Our new friend then wanders off with her Mum...

She seems really nice Pinny says.  What a great last name she has too!  Just perfect considering where we are!  Imagine having a name like Holly Rose...isn't it beautiful?  Pinny sighs.

We enjoy walking through the rose covered pergolas.

Loving the ponds with the lilies, fish and water feature.

We lie and watch the fish for a while and admire the beautiful water lily.

Just 'chilling' out 

This rose is cute.  I wonder what it is called...

...and I think I am.

Some photos of the lovely flowers and roses.


  1. Holly and I had a lovely afternoon with you all! Thanks for sharing the photos.


  2. Wonderful photos as always. Thank you so very much for sharing your adventures with us. So very delightful.

  3. Lovely photos as always. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

  4. How lovely that 'Dear' Henry and Pinny were able to meet Jocelyn's Holly Rose in this delightful Rose garden. Was it a planned or a by chance meeting though which- ever it looks to be absolutely beautiful there.
    A super way for Pinny to end her stay with Henry in the UK as this country is so well known for it's gorgeous Roses.

  5. Love these garden photos with Pinny and Henry. So nice that Holly visited too. The water lily and pond shots are adorable. My favorite is the rose "Crazy for You". What a beautiful flower!! Pinny has become very fond of Henry and it is wonderful that they have had such great fun together and in so many special places. Fabulous summer!!!!!!

  6. Thank you again Henry for a lovely adventure. The rose and other flower photos were outstanding. What a great place to wonder around and just take it all in. I could almost smell the roses myself.

    Nice to have a friend like Pinny to share this with...also meeting up with Holly Rose. Good things are always better when they are shared with a friend.

    Can't wait to see your next adventure Henry !

    Winnie in Ca USA