Monday 4 May 2015

Ashridge Estate - I walk through the Bluebells

Okay, so I am not really on holiday at the moment...although it IS Bank Holiday Monday - so I guess you could kind of say it was, hence me posting here...

It certainly felt like being on holiday having sitting here in the sunshine soaking up the beauty of the bluebells.

They really have been quite spectacular this year, and even if I am a boy I can still enjoy them.

I've got lots of photos on this blog post as they were just so lovely.

Everywhere you looked was just stunning.

Hitty Madge came with me and she enjoyed the bluebells as well.

I also managed to do a spot of exploring and found the perfect tree house!  This one being INSIDE the tree!

Friday 1 May 2015

Down Under in New Zealand - Mahurangi Regional Park - A Day at the Beach!

I didn't get to go to the beach much while in New Zealand this time unfortunately as it was difficult going out.  We did have one lovely day out at Mahurangi Regional Park though and after our picnic on the beach I got to spend a little time on the beach which was fun.

I set off down to the water...

Oops...I think I have forgotten something!

A few minutes later, changed into my swim gear with my sun hat on, towel spread out on the sand I head down to the water again.

It seems a long way!

Yeah, nothing quite like warm sea water between your toes.

The water is so clear here in New Zealand, it really is quite something.

I love to go paddling.

Mum said not to go in too far though as we have to be careful about my hair.

Goodness she is always going on about my hair!  I mean just because I got it all wet with sand and sea water last year, doesn't mean it is going to happen again does it?

A spot of sunbathing...although not for too long as I don't want to burn.

Time to build a sandcastle.  Bucket and spade at the ready I fill up my bucket.

Smooth it off level.

Quickly turn it over...

Poke a stick in the top and there you have it - a sandcastle.

It would have been good if Peggy Sue had been allowed to come to the beach with me, but that was another one of Mum's 'worries'   She reckoned it wouldn't be good for Peggy Sue's joints!  Crazy I thought...

Ahoy there sailor!

I stare out to the sea

what do I see?

A sailing boat!

Sadly it was then time to go as Nan was getting restless and wanted to go home.