Monday 4 May 2015

Ashridge Estate - I walk through the Bluebells

Okay, so I am not really on holiday at the moment...although it IS Bank Holiday Monday - so I guess you could kind of say it was, hence me posting here...

It certainly felt like being on holiday having sitting here in the sunshine soaking up the beauty of the bluebells.

They really have been quite spectacular this year, and even if I am a boy I can still enjoy them.

I've got lots of photos on this blog post as they were just so lovely.

Everywhere you looked was just stunning.

Hitty Madge came with me and she enjoyed the bluebells as well.

I also managed to do a spot of exploring and found the perfect tree house!  This one being INSIDE the tree!


  1. These are just wonderful photos of Henry and Hitty Madge. I wish we had a bluebell wood near us, I could just about feel the atmosphere and smell that beautiful scent.

    1. Thank you Janet, the bluebells really are wonderful and yes that scent is just the ticket!

    2. I am sure that scent and the view was very uplifting - what a wonderful sunny day for an outing and fun in the bluebells.

  2. Hi Henry! You are looking very well indeed among the blue bells and the super cool tree house! What a lovely sight to see and thank you for sharing the beauty with us. So nice that Hitty Madge enjoyed it too. A wonderful post! :) xxx

    1. Wasn't that tree house just great?! I really wanted to stay there forever it was so nice. But Hitty Madge insisted we had to get home.

  3. There's almost nothing like walking through woodlands when they are filled with gorgeous bluebells, THE flowers of May! I'm 'dead' envious of 'Dear' Henry to get to go there yet again! Lucky lad.
    Fab tree house! What a pity he couldn't transport it home with him!

    1. It was really beautiful, although we nearly didn't make it - the roads to the estate were mayhem!

      Incidentally these photos were taken with my husband's camera - I find it so much lighter and he has been kind enough to let me use it.

  4. Henry, These photos are wonderful. And, guess what? I have a Hitty doll, too! I'll post a photo of us together on my site sometime so you can see her. Your Friend, Angelo

  5. Hello Henry,

    We're just checking to see if you will get our last comment, since Marmee says that sometimes happens. If it hasn't shown up soon, we'll write it again.

    1. Hello, sadly I didn't, but this one came through properly.

  6. Dear Henry,

    We're having a bit of trouble with posting comments, so if you get a double post from us, we apologize, but we really wanted you and your wonderful Mum to hear from us, so here goes again.

    Hi there! We have been reading your blog for a while and I thought that it was time to write and introduce myself and all of us here at Fern Woods USA. My name is Greg. Yes, I know that it's a bit unoriginal, but I just never felt like I had a different name and Marmee understood. My twin sister Sasha felt the same way. It is her that you will see in the picture that comes with this letter, because I never get tired of looking at my beautiful sister and our baby sister Bethany.

    I have other sisters and brothers and we all love reading your blog. The twins, Gordon and Sean kind of worship you. Sean tries to act all cool about it, but he still eagerly watches the computer for a new post, and as his big brother, I'm allowed to tell on him. We think that you are so lucky to be able to travel so much and to live in a beautiful country like the UK with so much History. We love History and think the little bits of History that you include in your blog are really interesting.

    We're also honoured that you visited The Lincoln Monument and thank you for the interesting and respectful photographs and comments that you put on the blog about your visit. We wish we could have met you there. Your blog is so much fun and makes us so happy. We feel like we're right there adventuring next to you, and we love it! Sasha (who is really good with words) says that it's like a lovely storybook, which never ends, with a new exciting chapter every day!

    Marmee also wants me to say that she loves your blog and all of your Mum's wonderful blogs as well. She says that reading them add a special enjoyment to her day and is inspiring her to share our lives in a blog of our own. It probably won't be as exciting as yours, but we look forward to sharing with you. She wanted to give this message to your Mum. "Thank you for the enjoyment that you have given us all. Please keep your spirits up. You give so much pleasure to so many people." She said that she will leave her own comments on some of your Mum's blogs when she has more time.

    Thanks again, Henry for sharing your wonderful adventures with us. Keep travelling and thanks for representing us Gregors so well. We'll write again.

    Your fans,

    Greg, Sasha, Sean, Gordon, Bethie and all the dolls at Fern Woods (and Marmee too)

    1. Dear Greg,

      Thank you for writing to me and introducing yourself and your sisters and brothers. It is always nice to know who is reading about my adventures...not that I have had many of late as my 'grandmother' here in the UK has also been very very ill and we have all been very worried about her and busy visiting in hospital and stuff. She is tarting to get a bit better now though, although it will be a while as she has to have special treatments every fortnight for a few months.

      I am glad you feel I am writing interesting posts such as that when I visited the Lincoln Memorial - how wonderful it would have been to meet you! I feel very lucky to have been able to visit the places I have done so far, and do hope I get opportunities to visit more of your country.

      Also a big thank you for the wonderful message from your Marmee, that is a big boost of encouragement to my Mum and brings a smile to her face.

      We look forward to your blogging adventures.

      With best wishes,

  7. Dear Henry,

    We are so sorry to hear about your Grandmother, and glad that she is getting better. We just wanted you to know that we are here for you and your brave Mum. Marmee has been really busy with lots of grownup stuff, and "crisis," and felt bad that she had not been able to make any comments on your Mum's blogs yet. So we told her that we'd send you and your Mum some encouraging support, since we have more time.

    We hope that you and your Mum are doing well and that your Grandmother continues to improve. We also send lots of love to your Dad and all your other brothers and sisters and friends over there in the UK. We think about all of you a lot and hope and pray that things work out and you can get back to your adventures. It was really nice of you to do that gardening for your Mum the other day. It looks like you were working really hard. We may have to help our Marmee that way too. She really wants to start a little garden to take pictures of us to put on our still in the works blog, but she has been way too busy.

    We hope that your plants grow really strong and beautiful. You and your Mum deserve it. Best of wishes to all of you.

    Greg, Sasha, and the family at Fern Forest

    (Though Mum still calls it Fern Woods. At least the name Dead Mouse Woods, like Sean suggested was rejected. I love my brother, but he made the babies cry! Our cats are real busy, but Marmee always protects the little ones from seeing things like that.)