Thursday 23 July 2015

Fort Worth - Texas Day One: Sundance Square and River Walk.

Well we arrived in Texas on Wednesday evening, so Thursday morning we were up early to do some exploring in Fort Worth where we were based.

The hotel was situated right in the town centre and was the perfect base for going out, finding food in between the scheduled Festival meals and generally exploring and having fun, which Mum and I did!

Just look at this topiary cowboy and horse!  

The morning was very bright and very warm!

I quite fancied running under these water fountains but Mum muttered something about 'hair falling' and so I thought I better not risk it.

Wheeee...I can fly!

We just couldn't quite get over how blue the sky was!

Around the town were lots of interesting plaques to read telling of the history of the town and its people.

The town court house - we did some exploring in here another day, but didn't get any photos unfortunately.

More interesting facts.

The buildings were magnificent

Hmmm...where does this interesting path take us I wonder?

Off we go exploring.

There were lots of bike trails and walking trails, and we set off on one of them...

....first stop a monument with a fine looking solider on it.

Major Ripley Allen Arnold.

All around the monument were interesting information telling us about the area, the people and the settlement of it.

We decided to take a walk along the river.

I found an unusual insect!

I wonder what it is?

Looking back up the river.

Along the side of the river were various plants and flowers.

After a couple of hours wandering we thought we would make our way back to the hotel and find out how we could  get to the Botanic Gardens.


  1. Henry, I'm pleased you had an interesting tour around Fort Worth before the festival, I am sure it was very hot though and I understand why you wanted to run through those fountains. I like the topiary horse and rider, it reminds me of our day of Cowboys, country girls and Native Americans. Your friend, Laura

    1. Dear Laura, so glad you enjoyed this post. I had such a wonderful time. I hope you will be able to come next year....I am hoping to go - always optimistic - but we will have to be very frugal this coming year to enable it to happen again!

      I have some more posts to come, so keep an eye out. :-)

  2. Dear Henry,

    Wow! This is so cool! (Sorry, that means really great in Americanese). We're just thrilled that you are back in the United States. We wish that it wasn't all the way on the other side of the country from us, but we loved your photographs and posts of Fort Worth. Great pictures and we thought the facts that you included about Fort Worth's History were really interesting. The blue sky is gorgeous. The only skies we know of that are that blue are in the Swiss Alps. Sasha, Polly and Theresa have seen them, and Baby Johnny too, but I can't remember if I've ever seen them, since I didn't find Sasha for over thirty years. I feel like I've seen them, but my memory is kind of fuzzy.

    Anyway, we think that it is fantastic that you are going to attend another Sasha Festival and we hope that you have lots of fun. We're just going to have to enjoy the festival vicariously through your blog and hopefully other pictures that you and your Mum take and post. We're all thinking about you over here and wishing you the best.

    Marmee wants your Mum to know that we just got back online after a long break, and lots of other things are going on here too, which have really taken practically all her time. She wants your Mum to know that she hasn't forgotten about her, and looks forward to continuing your e-mail conversations. We'll also be off-line for several more days coming up real soon, so we'll just have to do our best to catch up while we have the time.

    Once again, welcome back to the USA, and we hope you have an absolutely awesome time at the Sasha Festival this year. We're really looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Keep adventuring!

    Your excited fans,

    Greg and the family at Fern Woods

  3. Dear Greg, So glad you and all the family at Fern Woods enjoyed the first of my posts about my trip to Fort Worth & Dallas. I had a wonderful time indeed. It was so good to see the wonderful blue skies - reminded me a bit of the lovely blue skies in New Zealand, although much hotter! I had such a great time and Mum has come back refreshed and enthusiastic which is always good.

    I posted another blog post this morning about my visit to the Botanic Garden and the first day of the Sasha Festival has been posted also. Mum is hoping to do the second sometime today.

    Take care,