Friday 24 July 2015

Fort Worth - Texas Day One: The Botanic Garden

After our walk around Sundance Square and the River we returned to the hotel for instructions on how to get to the Botanical Gardens....

We caught 'Molly the Trolley' to the train station and from there we caught a bus that dropped us off right outside the gardens.

While waiting for the bus we had a look at 'Car 25'  both inside and out.

The 'plush' seats at the front were for the ladies

and the plainer vinyl seats at the back were for the men - as they more often than not smoked.

The interior was lovely.

Shame it couldn't actually take me anywhere!

Also at the train station was an information plaque about the African-American History and some great murals featuring different time periods in history.

These were very well done, and had a lot in them to look at.

Finally our bus arrives and a short journey later we arrive at the Botanic Garden.

My friends Wren and Hitty Madge joined me - it is always good to have company.

As unusual as it may seem to some, I enjoy looking round gardens, even though I have heard that often little boys and sometimes bigger boys do not!  How strange!  There is lots to see, do, smell and explore!

We enjoyed our time wandering round the gardens which really were quite beautiful considering how hot it is here.  You wouldn't think anything could grow, but grow it does.

These were funny roots coming up from below the tree.

I have a closer look - they are a bit like alien pods.

This lake I am standing near had lots of turtles in it.

They had the right idea - keeping cool in the water!

Of course there is always an opportunity for tree climbing in these gardens....

Looking towards the rose garden.

Ah, it was good to have a sit down, although not for long as boy was it hot!

Pretty fountain.

We wander towards the rose garden...

...smelling the flowers along the way.

Unfortunately the rose garden was blighted - it had been destroyed by a pest and there were virtually no roses left.  How sad, it must look spectacular when it has roses as the beds were laid out nicely.

I sit for a while and imagine what the rose garden would look like.  

An interesting bird sculpture.

Walking 'on the boardwalk'

That's where I'll be....

Off to see where it will take me..

Found a grass hopper!

Had a closer look - they look a bit like an alien or a dinosaur.

Pretty Wren poses for me.

Red Hibiscus - I saw some of these in Australia last year and New Zealand this year.

More pretty flowers.

Continuing our wander round the gardens.

They were all nicely laid out and well tended.

Why oh why am I wearing my vest though?  I must be mad as it was so very hot.

These leaves under this tree were like giant heartss.

Ah, a cool little stream.

If you look carefully you can see the gold fish.

A squirrel - very much like the ones we see in our garden at home!


Hey there!

We finished the gardens with a nice lunch in the restaurant/


  1. Brilliant post, Henry! I don't suppose the roses would've been flowering, anyway - I usually visit Texas in March and am always surprised to see all the roses in flower then. (I don't know why I'm *always* surprised, since I see them every year - but it just seems all wrong!)

    Looking forward to the next instalment - Jocelyn

    1. I wonder? Perhaps you are right and they wouldn't have been flowering anyway....but the couple of bushes that had survived had a few blooms on them.

      Glad you enjoyed the post :-)

  2. Hi Henry, I loved going on this visit with you by internet. What a fabulous place. I think the trolly cars are beautiful; they don't do things with class like that any more! I enjoyed reading what I could of the advertisements in the cars. The park is stunning; I don't see why any boy wouldn't want to visit there. You found all the fun things! Please tell your mum that my papa thinks she is the best photographer ever! He wishes he could do half as good with his amateur photos. And, I think your personalised slipover is absolutely the best! Your friend, Angelo

    1. Hi Angelo, lovely to hear from you! So glad you enjoyed reading my post and going on a 'virtual' visit with me. Aren't the trolley cars just great? We actually went on one that used to live and work in Australia...but that post is yet to come.

      I am glad you agree with me that gardens and parks are just as much fun to visit as other places.

      My Mum said thank you to Jesse for the lovely compliment. She enjoys taking photos and sharing her love of the world around us with others.

      A very talented lady named Linda made my slipover especially for me - isn't it just great?

      With best wishes, your friend from afar,