Saturday 25 July 2015

Fort Worth - Texas: The Stockyards

On Saturday afternoon we set off for the stockyards..... 

....we waited and waited....but the Molly the Trolley who was to take us there never showed up, and eventually it was decided to abandon our plan and try again the following day.  Probably just as well as I think I would have melted in my full cowboy gear!

Fortunately the following day we made it!

There was lots to see, although Mum said it was a bit too 'shoppy' for her.

I decided not to have my fortune read....I was sure Pappy would say something about my hair, and quite frankly I hear enough about that!

I tried saying hello to this Longhorn, but he seemed to be rather silent.

I hope no trains come while we are walking down here!

There was a great saddlery shop!  Mum said it reminded her of her riding days.

Wren hopped on a saddle in the hope she could convince Mum to buy her one!

I did as well, but it seems only Wren got her photo taken - doesn't seem fair!!

My friend and I did get to sit on some other saddles though.  

This one really was a bit big for us.

Ride 'em cowboy!  

Yee hah!

This reminded me a bit of a film we watched on the plane on the way over.

There were rides up and down the street, but I felt sorry for the horses having to pull wagons in this heat.

Ooh a real one this time!

At least this Longhorn is in the shade....

More rides on a different wagon.

Uh oh...why do I always seem to end up behind bars?

Help, let me out of here!

Another Longhorn.

I wonder how much they like having to give people rides?  Or in this case letting people sitting on them.?

This looked interesting.

Ah boot shine!  No one available to shine my boots though.

Waiting for the bus on our return home.

Oh and almost forgot the highlight!  Yes sir/mam, I got to ride with a mounted officer again!  

I sure want to be a policeman when I grow up.  

I just need to find me a sheriff star badge, like others found....we looked everywhere and had no luck!


  1. I enjoyed my vicarious time in Texas with you cowboy Henry. Sounds like you had fun in Ft. Worth.

  2. You certainly get around when 'out and about!' Sorry to hear that you didn't manage to get a sheriff's star badge. Perhaps you can still keep looking for one now that you're back in the UK?

    1. I will keep looking for one! But had a lovely time regardless.