Friday 26 July 2013

Hammock fun!

Great news!  I have another guest. This time it is Ryder, he is German but has been living in the USA and he came home with me from the Festival.  He is going to stay a few weeks before he heads off back home. 

I introduce him to Caleb and Simon who are pleased to have another friend to play with.

We decide to set up a 'Camp America' and I place the flag that I got while in the USA to show our campsite.

I show them the long box that Aunty Dorisanne gave me while I was at the Sasha Festival.  I tell them how lovely she is and how we must write to thank her, and my Mum has said she is going to get her some very special stamps to send as well.

We unload all the bits to the box and I get out my work apron and pliers.  

'Henry, you are not going to be able to put it together with pliers'  Simon tells me.  'You will need a screwdriver.  I'll go and get one for you'.

Simon goes off to find a screwdriver.

Before long he has returned with a screwdriver.

'That looks like Mum's sewing machine screwdriver'. I tell Simon.

'Shh, don't say it too loud she might find out'.  Simon says.

'Well don't forget to take it back and put it where you found it will you?'  I tell him.  

I help Simon hold it in place while he puts the first screws in and does them up.

Ryder helps hold it up with Simon while I put in the last screws.

We flip it over and Ryder attaches the first end of the hammock.

'You can put the other side on', he tells me.

I hook the other end of the hammock on to the stand.  Doesn't it look good?!  We all admire it and decide who is going to have first try.  I suggest Ryder should as he is the guest.

'So what do you think?'  I ask Ryder.

'It is pretty comfortable.'  Ryder replies.

We all take turns to try it out and then decide to play some games, after all that is what Camp America is all about...having fun!

Ryder and Caleb play a game of quoits, Simon plays Tarzan on the rope ladder and I relax in the hammock watching the game.

What a great game! 

Ryder hasn't played this before and thinks it is great fun.

Personally after all the excitement of my trip, I am quite happy to just relax in the hammock and watch.

As for Simon....well there just may be the possibility he is stuck!


  1. I've never seen quoits before. It does look fun! And that is a fabulous hammock! Looks very comfy! Poor Simon, but maybe he's just hanging around. :)

    1. Hi Miranda, so lovely of you to visit me! Glad you liked the hammock, it is fabulous indeed. The quoits are such fun...not sure who won in the end, but I think Caleb and Ryder enjoyed themselves. Simon is okay, sometimes you just gotta hang around you know.

  2. What a great hammock, and super to have another friend to stay Henry! He looks like a Gotz no nose boy...which is just what I hanker please keep an eye on him in case I come and kidnap him! Only joking Henry, don't panic now!
    I think it does look like poor Simon is stuck up the rope ladder, if he's not careful, all the blood will rush to his head! Perhaps you should call an adult to help get him down! Don't fall asleep now Henry, Simon really does need a helping hand! ;)

    1. The hammock is such fun and everyone has taken turns in it....although not the girls yet. They have been busy playing dress up with all their new dresses...and 'don't want to get them dirty!' Still, it is up to them if they want to miss out on all the fun.

      Ryder has a nose ;-) At least he did last time I looked - apparently he is sometimes known as a 'sharp nose boy' but his nose doesn't look very sharp to me, not like a knife or something like that. Strange the way people name things.

      Simon managed to get down okay fortunately...he can be quite the acrobat when he wants to be.

  3. Hi Henry
    I love your garden equipment. This is the best summer we've had in ages, isn't it?
    My new sister, Myfanwy has lent me her fishing net and I'm going to try to catch tiddlers in Afon Dulas tomorrow, though Mum says it's more the Trickle Dulas just now. Maybe my friend Tomos will come too, he's staying while his Mum is in Scotland, he doesn't fancy sailing on her grandpa's racing yacht.
    Tell your Mum and all my other special aunties who helped me to come to live here, that I'm settling in well and having fun. My new Mum isn't as good at blogging as your Mum is, but I'm pushing for a family blog so I can show you what I get up to.

    1. Hi Harri, isn't the summer just great? I really thought we weren't going to have one again and although I was away for at least 10 days of it, it seems to be continuing fortunately. We have had a few showers today, but not too bad.

      Oh what fun to go fishing - did you catch any tiddlers. I must see if Mum can take Ryder and I fishing. How wonderful you also have a friend staying with you. It is so wonderful to have visitors. I hope we get to meet sometime, but I am sure your Mum won't want you visiting anyone for a long time yet!

      So glad to hear you are settling in well Harri.

  4. So good to see that the garden games are proving fun. how awesome is that hammock! Welcome to Ryder, I hope he enjoys his holiday with you. I am glad Caleb still likes his new summer outfit. I hope Simon doesn't fall off the rope ladder, he might feel a bit dizzy when he gets down.

    1. The hammock is indeed awesome and the boys are loving it. They are also loving their games and the rope ladder....not sure how Simon managed to get down, but he seemed to manage it without falling ;-) Caleb just LOVES his new summer outfit!

  5. Wonderful time outside with a great hammock project and a game too!! I like Camp America too :). Looks like Ryder is fitting in nicely and Simon is awesome with his upside down antics! Henry looks very relaxed and happy. :)

  6. Oh WoW what an awesome hammock and garden fun! Oh Man, you were in DC! TiGGy sooo wishes she had known about the convention and been able to see you!

    1. The Festival was in Cincinnati, but the rest of the time, yes we were in DC. Oh it would have been fun to have met TiGGy!

  7. how lucky is Henry to have a nice guest....I am curious how that stay far very boys are

    1. They have a few things lined is Dinosaur Safari that they are very much looking forward to...lets just hope they don't have to compete with the children on their school holidays!

  8. Always such fun watching boys at play, especially when outside in the garden.
    Love the hammock and rope accessories and games. (DollMum/Anna did YOU actually make the quoites and rope ladder? They look fab.

    Lorraine, hope that you have the drinks and snacks ready that are shortly going to be asked for after all this activity.

    PS. Sharon, Ryder is a sharp not a no-nose Gotz lad. They are rarer boys so harder to find.

  9. DollMum did indeed make the fabulous rope toys! :-)

    They certainly enjoyed their drinks and snacks afterwards :-)