Tuesday 27 August 2013

Henry becomes Harry Potter?

Henry (aka Harry Potter) couldn't wait to try out some of the magic tricks he'd read about in the spell books he received in the 'Back to School Swap

He decided to practice on a frog in the little pond in the garden....

Rory and Ryder approach this 'magician' to see what he is up to.

Ryder looks a bit concerned once he realises what Henry  I mean Harry was up to.

Rory is even more alarmed!  Hang on a minute who is that behind Hen  Harry?

In his distress Rory doesn't notice.  Neither do the other lads.

Stop Henry you can't do that!  Rory shouts at Henry  who of course ignores him as that is no longer his name!

$%nahbo*^@jmbo    Harry chants as he waves his wand, oblivious to Rory's distress.  (Most unlike Henry who is normally a thoughtful kind hearted fellow)

With a hiss and a bang and sparks flying....sending Ryder to the ground stunned and Rory looking on in amazement.

What's this?  A troll!  Even Henry I mean Harry is stunned.


Rory and Ryder look on in amazement....Henr  Harry's glasses have even been jolted up in the excitement....

A troll...troll...a troll.... Rory gasps! What has happened to my frog?

Well Henry?  What has happened to my frog?  Rory asks.

I don't know Rory, I really don't I didn't think this would really happen.  Henry replies.  It must be well...

Umm....well it is umm....magic you see....stutters Henry or is it Harry?

Poor, poor Rory, he looks quite upset....

Ryder tries to reassure him when he sees how upset he is that it was just a trick and not real magic.

But I saw it go kaboom and my frog changed into a troll...sobs Rory

It's okay really Ryder reassures him.  It didn't really happen.  It's that naughty punk troll playing tricks.

The little frog pops out from underneath the bushes where the troll hid him.

Henry sits down, deciding it is far too hard work being Harry Potter.  The little frog hops on his lap.

Here Rory, come and get your frog.

Rory gives his frog a hug.  

I am sorry Rory, I was just playing make believe, I didn't realise that naughty troll was going to play tricks.  Henry explains to Rory.

Fortunately Rory is quite forgiving once he realises his frog is okay.  

Henry is not sure this magic lark is for him.

Ryder looks rather bemused by it all.  He will certainly have some stories to tell when he goes home.

As for the troll.....


  1. What a delightful post!!! Thank you for making me not only smile, but giggle. I realize what a lot of work you put into this post. It was worth every ounce of energy and creativity. May you be as blessed as I now feel.

    1. Dear Raine, So glad you enjoyed this story and it made you giggle. The boys had a lot of fun!

  2. Hey, what is Harry (Henry) Potter doing to the poor frog we sent to Rory? I am very glad the frog is okay, as we don't have another. henry's new Harry Potter things are great, what a good swap.

    1. Fortunately no frogs were harmed in the filming urmmm...photography of this story....much to Rory's relief who has trundled his frog off into protective custody!

  3. Looks like there's going to be a lot of fun and magic at your house from now on!
    Please that Rory's frog survived the spell!

    1. Indeed! All the kids are clamouring round wanting to read the magic books!

      Fortunately Rory and his frog are recovering from the shock of it all.

  4. I knew that Henry must have some magic in him! Never forget, though, Henry, that with great power comes great responsibility!

    1. Henry has certainly learned that and is on the lookout for naughty trolls from now if he ever attempts any more magic tricks....I think he is just going to read to books for a while.

  5. Oh poor little Rory, my favourite redheaded boy! What an awful experience for him, will he ever really get over it! ;) Thank goodness the frog was fine though and I hope that naughty little troll was reprimanded for giving Rory such a terrible fright!

    1. I know poor Rory is rather traumatized and could be heard yelling out 'beware the trolls, hide the frogs' all night. Henry feels terrible about what happened...and as for that troll, I am afraid Punky Troll is rather naughty and up to more mischief....

  6. Wonderful post :). So glad Ryder could help consol Rory!!! Good frogs are hard to find ;)