Tuesday 3 September 2013

Henry takes Ryder to Wimpole Hall Estate - Part One

Oh we had such an exciting day today.  I have been wanting to go to Wimpole Estate with Ryder for weeks!  Finally everything worked out for us to go.  Boy did we have a good time!  There is just SO much to do there.  A rare breeds farm, a walled garden, the estate to walk round a woodland playground and of course the actual Hall.  We didn't get a chance to do everything but we had a good try!

We arrived at lunchtime so while the folks were finishing their lunch Ryder and I headed to the tractors and haystacks to play.

We had such fun on them and felt like we were real farmers!

Walking round the farm we were delighted to spot this dragon fly resting on the railings.

The big shire horses were working and we got to see them being fitted with their harness.

What a lovely horse indeed!  I will have to tell Stratford all about them when we get home.

We got to see the calf feeding.

This is the dairy where they used to churn the butter and do all sorts of other things.

There were interesting things for us to try.  

They must have worked really hard - apparently they had to get up at 5am in the summer and 6am in the winter!

There were all sorts of interesting gadgets.  Here we look at a picture of a cooler base and tank - you can see part of it behind the picture.

Not sure who this chap is on the outside of the building...he just seemed to be hanging around keeping an eye on things.

The farm is over 200 years old and cares for rare breeds of farm animals now.

We say hello to the sheep.

The sheep said hello to Ryder and smiled at him!

We thought this looked a pretty impressive piece of machinery!

Hey this Highland cattle only has three legs!

Phew!  He was just showing off and actually has all four!

We went into the barn where they hatch the various poultry - it was fun seeing all the chicks running around.

This pony was so cute - such a tiny little Shetland pony.

We arrived in the piggery for feeding time!  There were quite a few Tamworth pigs.

This pig looks like she is looking forward to her supper!

Just look at those ears!

Another cheeky pig with a smile on her face looking forward to grub!

Oh dear...I hope the pigs can't read!  

Munching away enjoying the hay and silage

We say hello to another friendly sheep.

Some Tamworth pigs enjoying wallowing in the mud.

Mr Billy Goat was definitely a billy....we had to hold our noses as we went past him...they have a very particular smell indeed!

A mare and her little filly foal.

The calf that we saw feeding earlier from its mum was having a rest on our way out.

The stable hand was showing a visitor how to put on the curb chain.

A donkey! 

We went and visited the walled garden after the farm....photos tomorrow.


  1. What a wonderful day you and Ryder had! I'm glad Mum took so many pictures. There are so many beautiful tourist sites in England. You are a very fortunate little boy to live there. I look forward to hearing about more of your adventures.

  2. That looks Like so much fun, i wish i could Have come with you.
    keep having fun!
    Nigel Sheep xx

  3. So much to see and do down on the farm!
    Loved the photos of the boys on the tractors etc.

  4. Wow! That looks like a fun place to visit. Lucky boys!