Tuesday 24 September 2013

Ryder arrives home

  • Henry and I received a lovely message today to let us know that Ryder had arrived home safely.  

    Dear Lorraine,

    Ryder is here safe and sound. I took a few photos of his homecoming for you, Henry and the gang

  • Little Dawn and Peg are so excited to see Ryder.

    Peg says "Hey, that is Ryder's cap!! I know that is him!!"

    Little Dawn was desperate to get that tatty old sock off if Ryder's head.

    Peg says "There, there Ryder, it is so nice to see you!" Little Dawn is so happy that she is pulling the sock off as fast as she can.

  • "Finally, Ryder, we are so happy you are home. You look wonderful and very happy! Tell us about your travels please" says Little Dawn.

  • Ryder jumps from the box and is quick to get his land legs back. He puts on his cap and the girls surround him with welcoming hugs. Ryder begins to tell them how wonderful Henry's Mum is and that he had such a wonderful time with Henry travelling the UK and meeting many wonderful people and making friends.

  • They pull out the booklets and map from the box and Ryder begins to share the details. He explains his St. Albans pin and the cathedral and how amazing it was to be there.

  • Finally, they read the lovely card from Henry and they share in Ryder's adventures with Henry. Peg and Little Dawn are so happy Ryder had such fun and that his homecoming was such a happy event. They will have great fun catching up with Ryder's summer adventures with Henry.

  • The End. .


  1. Great to get a photo story from Ryder showing his safe return home. Incidentally, some of the photos don't display on either of my computers, maybe something needs fixing.

    1. Thanks for letting me know...I will get my husband to see if they display correctly on his computer...they are fine on mine.

  2. Thank you Lorraine! Ryder sends love to you, Henry, and the family. <3