Tuesday 12 November 2013

My new visitor, Lottie arrives for a holiday.

Oh dear oh dear, our phone and internet line went down early Saturday morning and we have been incommunicado - I like that word!  I've been worrying about whether my latest guest managed to leave on time to arrive today so I have been anxiously waiting at the door for her imminent arrival.  (I hope you appreciate all the big words I have been learning!)  Mum says to stop being a show off...  Fortunately the BT engineer came out late this morning and fixed it so I can show you all that yes she arrived!  She beat the BT Engineer man - must have come in a speedier vehicle!  Yeah I have a new visitor.

Hey there Lottie, so glad you arrived safely, we were worried about whether you would arrive on time.  
This is Rory and Sasha, who I am sure you have read about before. 

Hi there.  Lottie says.

What's that tucked in your jeans?  I ask Lottie

Oh that is my catapult, also known as a sling shot!  It is pretty cool and I hit all sorts of things with it!  Lottie tells Henry

How does it work?  Sasha asks Lottie.  

Well you put a stone, or acorn, or something in this leather end, then pull back the elastic and release.  Lottie explains.  


I am impressed...a girl with a sling shot.  I can't wait to show her the garden.

We leave Rory and Sasha discussing the sling shot and I take Lottie outside.

We take a walk down the garden path.

Hey look at these fungi - they must have come up the last couple of nights!

Impressive aren't they?

Can you eat them?  Lottie asks me.

Oh no, you mustn't eat them.  I tell her.  They might be poisonous, so it is better to be safe than sorry.  That's what Mum tells me anyway.

We admire the fungi for a little bit longer and then wander off to play amongst the leaves.

Wow these leaves are huge!  Lottie exclaims.

They are from our Maple tree.  I tell her.

What a shame they are so wet, it would have been fun to have been able to throw them up in the air, and crunch through them.  Not quite the same when they are soggy and damp!

We stay outside for a bit longer and then come inside for a cup of milo (hot chocolate)


  1. It looks like you have settled in Lottie and I can see that Henry and the gang are looking after you. Please be careful with your catapult, don't take any windows out! xx

  2. How marvelous that Henry has a outdoorsy girl to visit with! I love her jeans - with the nice sturdy belt and pullover tucked in, Lottie looks like a girl who know how to run, climb trees and aim a sling-shot! What great fun they are going to have.

  3. Now Lottie looks like my kind of girl, Henry! Hope you have fun together.
    Emrys is still planning to come for Christmas, if that's OK?
    J xx
    Ps Could you tell your Mum we haven't had any emails for ages from anybody and that we hate yahoo as much as they seem to hate us!

    1. Oh yes Emrys can come for Christmas for sure, that is definitely okay.

      The Sailor says have your tried Gmail (Googlemail)? Apparently that is quite good, or so he says, Mum wouldn't have a clue!

  4. Oh I do like that little Lottie, I've been admiring her on Facebook, she has such a sweet little face and lovely hair!

  5. Lottie looks like Henry's kind of girl - practical, down to earth and fun! I hope she enjoys her holiday with Henry and family.