Thursday 28 November 2013

RAF Museum Hendon London - Part One

We finally made it!

Here are Lottie and I as we first came into the RAF Museum.

Just look at these planes!

We look in amazement, not realising just quite how many planes we were going to be seeing today.

It was very exciting looking down on them from up high.

But even so there were still some higher than us.

Hey look, he is giving us the thumbs up!

Another pilot seems to have spotted us as well.

There he is!

These two look rather busy.

I think he may have spotted enemy aircraft.

Um...yes I think so!

We are dwarfed by the mighty aircraft.  I am so pleased that Lottie finds it as interesting as I do...

...I don't think I could of got any of the girls at home to have come with me.  

We read signs and talk about the planes all the way round, so much to see.

A mighty big engine!

We loved to see Donald Duck on this aeroplane.

It was on a rotating platform.

Just look at this one...

We discuss this plane and how much fun it would be if we both grew up to be pilots!

Lottie stands next to the wheel of the plane to show how big it is compared to her.

We were amazed at this engine and how it works.

There was so much to see and do, and Mum took so many photos that part two will have to be tomorrow.


  1. Fantastic! Thanks Henry for taking Lottie to such an amazing place, I like the idea of you both as pilots or maybe wing walkers? I can't wait to see more of your day.

    1. So glad you have enjoyed it so far. I got rather carried away with the picture taking hence having to split the posts!

  2. Thanks for the splendid photos - they really made me feel as though I were there! Looking forward to the next part - Jocelyn

    1. So glad you enjoyed the Jocelyn. Part two coming tomorrow :-)

  3. I think it is about time we took our girls to RAF Hendon, the last time we went was before they were born, and it was excellent then too. So glad that Henry and Lottie had fun looking at all the aeroplanes, they are fascinating.

  4. Thanks for showing all the planes. I think they are fascinating!
    It looks like Henry and Little had a great time.

  5. I really love aeroplanes and think this is one of the best museums, although I also love Duxford because my dad was actually stationed there during his national service! I really enjoy flying, it is one of my favourite things to do....I hope you kids enjoyed yourselves too!