Thursday 21 November 2013

What we got up to while Mum was out....

Mum was out most of yesterday so Lottie and I were left to our own devices...we were a little bit naughty...

Shall we open the stable to see what it looks like properly?  I ask Lottie

Oh yes lets! Lottie replies.

I hope your Mum won't mind as I thought I heard her say she will keep it in its wrapper until the beginning of December...  Lottie says as she helps me take the plastic wrapper off.

Oh she will probably be a little annoyed, but not for long.  I reassure Lottie.

Oh wow, isn't this just so cute.  Lottie says.

Look there is a little bed/manger for baby Jesus.  I point out.  He doesn't arrive until Christmas Day, but all the sheep and Mary and Joseph will be in the stable.  Then along come the three wise men.  

Do you think your Mum would be able to show the set to me before I go home?  Lottie asks.

I'm not sure, we will have to ask.  Dad will have to get it down from the loft...and there is a LOT up there!  I explain to Lottie.

What shall we do now?  Lottie asks.

I know, lets make that lego giraffe I got sent a while ago.  I suggest.

Oh this looks fun.  Lottie gasps.

It is, I've made a panda and a Santa last year.

Wow, look at all the bits.  Here you have a packet and I will and we will make different parts then stick it together.  

We open the packets and look at the pieces.

Lottie gets stuck right in, putting her pieces together.

This is the first part

Oh, I think I have stuck them together in the wrong order.  Lottie exclaims!

She takes them apart and starts again.

I lay my pieces out

We work through the diagram on the sheet.

Lottie has laid out her pieces in the right order this time.

That's better, she says.

Look at the body, do you think it looks right now?  I do.  Lottie tells me.

I'm working on the neck and head.

Putting the pieces together.

Hey that is looking great Henry.  Lottie says. Let's stick the two bits together now.

Yeah, look at this.  Looking good.  I say to Lottie.

Isn't it cute?  Lottie asks.

I start work on the base and legs.  They are quite fiddly as they use all the little bits.

Legs nearly ready for the body.

Can we stick the body on now Henry?  Lottie asks me.

Hang on while I put this last leg on the base  I reply.

Ta da!  We've finished!  We cheer together.

The giraffe looks great.

We are really pleased with it.  I go and get the panda so we can put them together.

Aren't they just wonderful Lottie?  I ask her. 

Oh yes Henry, that was great fun.  Lottie replies.  You are really lucky to have been given the giraffe.

Indeed, and a very big thank you to the person who kindly sent the giraffe for us to make.  

To the super lovely person who sent us the giraffe I hope you are reading this - thank you so very much it was such fun to make and we really love it.

Later on we sneak down the road on our bikes to get McDonalds... this was the really naughty thing we did.  But we were careful, didn't go on the roads and went straight there and back.  Mum doesn't really like us having McD as she said it is 'junk food and unhealthy!' but it is so yummy!

That hamburger was yummy!  I sigh contentedly.

Careful Henry you have knocked over your milkshake.  Lottie warns.

Oops!  I quickly pick it up.

To finish the day off we ask a big person to bring October inside so Lottie can have a stroke and a cuddle.

October is the oldest of our four guinea pigs that are left.  He was the first born here when Mum started exhibiting and breeding them about seven years ago.  He is just over six years old now.  His full name is Takaro October Gold.  Mum never showed him though as he didn't have a full white crest.  He used to live with Champion Takaro Owen her Abyssinian, but sadly he died last year and now he lives with Oscar another Abyssinian.  He is our only Abyssinian left which is quite sad as they were Mum's favourite cavies and she did really well showing and breeding them.  She says sadly sometimes 'another thing I've had to give up'...but then she smiles as she remembers them fondly, and also that she now has US to keep her happy and busy!

He is such a sweet piggie.

Very gentle and kind, although I think Lottie was a bit in awe of him.


  1. What a lovely day you have both had and, although you both had McDonalds I think you were very well behaved. I was a bit worried when I heard you had been naughty but now I am relieved. I am so glad you got to meet October, what a magnificent piggie. The stable is just wonderful and we will be able to look at Henry's blog when you get home Lottie, so you can see it all filling up. Well done on making the giraffe too, clever kids.

  2. Aww that is a very cute guinea pig! I think it was lovely that Lottie was able to pet him whilst she is staying. It seems you had another busy day and did lots of playing! I used to have a little stable like this but unfortunately, when putting it away after Christmas one year, I dropped it and the little figurines on the floor...ooops!!!! I keep meaning to replace it, (and the figures!) but have not done so yet!!!