Wednesday 13 November 2013

Lottie and I go to the Park.

What a lovely morning it was today.  Lottie and I couldn't wait to head out to the park for a walk in the woods.  

We went into the 'Water Garden' and I showed Lottie all the different colours of the leaves.  

It was amazing to see all the contrasts and we had fun exploring.  I love it here as does my Mum as it is so peaceful and colourful and we can have a lot of fun exploring while she sits and contemplates...or at least that is what she says!

Sadly it seems some of the trees got blown down during the high winds the other week.

They fallen trees provided some fun climbing opportunities though!  Lottie is a great sport - she enjoys climbing trees as much as I do!

I show her some of different fungi that grow on fallen logs.

What's in here?

We check out the hole in the stump.

Wow, look at the size of this!  Lottie cries.

This is one huge fungi - wouldn't it be good if it was an edible mushroom, what a feast it would provide.  

We find another interesting fungus and think this one looks like someone or something has had a nibble out of it.

The water is flowing fast and I suggest we play a game of pooh sticks.

What is Pooh Sticks?  Lottie asks?

Surely you know what Pooh sticks are?  I reply astonished at  the thought that she doesn't.   Haven't you read The House at Pooh Corner about Winnie-the-Pooh?

No.   Lottie replies.  I must ask Mum to get it for me!

Oh yes, you must, such a great book!  I tell her.  Well anyway this is how you play it.  Usually it is played on a bridge over running water and you drop a stick on one side and watch to see whose stick is the first to appear on the downside of the stream on the other side of the bridge.  

But there is no bridge here.  Lottie points out

Doesn't matter, we can still play.  I say.  Come on, we can drop our sticks in and see which one goes down the waterfall first.

We drop our sticks in...

...but the water was running so fast we couldn't work out whose stick went over first, and in fact lost sight of our sticks very quickly indeed.

We do a spot of rock climbing.

Careful you don't fall Lottie!

Lottie is pretty brave...but I think we will both need a bath when we get back home...I haven't told Mum yet that I fell and got mud all over my nice cardigan, I've avoided letting her see my back!


  1. Wow Lottie, it looks like you are in your element and I think Henry is your perfect pal. I am glad you were able to borrow some wellies and I feel very remiss at not telling you about Pooh Sticks!

  2. They look like they're having a very good time, Lottie is a great companion for Henry, even though she is a girl!!! ;) I'm glad to see that no-one fell in the water as it looks like it was running pretty fast!!

  3. Henry, always enjoy your adventures and you guests. You and Lottie look like your having a grand old time. So nice to share things with a friend. Good that Lottie showed you about Pooh Sticks.....Winnie the Pooh should be required reading. It was for me....of course I was always fond of "Winnie"

  4. Hi Henry!! It looks like you and Lottie are having a great time! Pinny and Ryder send their very best to you and your Mum!!! We look forward to seeing photos of your new adventures with Lottie. Have fun my friend!!!