Sunday 17 November 2013

Back from their bike ride!

The intrepid bike explorers return...

That ride was great Henry.  Lottie says.

Sure was, but don't tell Mum we went along the railway line as she hasn't even been on that bike ride yet!  I warn Lottie.

So what do you want to do now?  I can show you some of my favourite places to climb.

This is quite easy to climb with the grids, a bit like a ladder and now the wisteria is dying down.

Won't we get into trouble for climbing this? Lottie asks.

Nah, Mum doesn't mind as long as we are careful.

This is my favourite place.  I sit up in the apple tree when ever I want to have a think.  

Last time I was sitting here we had apples in the tree, but they have all been picked now.  Mum has made yummy apple crumble with them.

Do you think she will make some while I'm here?  Lottie asks.

I'm sure she will.


  1. This reminded me a little of the advert about safety near the railway lines and crossings....I hope the kids were both very careful because we wouldn't want to hear about any accidents whilst they were out on their bikes!
    It looks very wintery in your garden Henry!

    1. Oh I should have said, it is an old railway track - there is no actual railway there now. We wouldn't go near a proper railway line, that would be foolish!

    2. Phew, thank goodness for that! Very sensible Henry!

  2. Phew, I am so glad to hear that Henry! I see you have found out how much Lottie loves to climb but don't go too high you two.

  3. Such cute photos! I love taking pics of my Blythe dolls (only cos i don't have a Sasha any more!), but haven't managed any as cute as these

  4. Henry and Lottie are having so much fun! I don't think Lottie will ever want to leave!

  5. Love your Blog!! Adorable photos!!!!