Thursday 14 November 2013

We go looking for Father Christmas at the local Garden Centre

Hello, can you give us a ride to find Father Christmas?

Thank you for the ride, that was good fun, but we still didn't find Father Christmas!

Hello Mr Gorilla, do you know where Father Christmas is?

Perhaps this kind donkey knows?

Hello pretty Donkey, do you know where we can find Father Christmas?

Try over there, oh okay.

Mr Tortoise, shouldn't you be hibernating?  

Do you know where Father Christmas is?

Inside the store you say?  Thank you for the ride we will go and have a look.

Hello cute little penguin, you seem to have a lot to say for yourself, do you know where we can find Father Christmas?

Hello furry reindeer, the cute little penguin said you might know where we can find Father Christmas.

What's that you say, you have seen him over where?

Oh Father Christmas, we have found you...but we thought you would be a lot bigger!

What's that you say?

You are just a little mini Father Christmas helper?

So when will he be here and where can we find him?

You don't know?

Oh well, perhaps another day.  Thank you for speaking to us.

Oh yes we will visit the polar bears on the way out, thank you for telling us about them!

Oh look snuggly polar bears...look at the mum cuddling her cub, isn't that cute?!

Ah...snuggly love...

Tickling his tummy!

Shall we sit here for our photo?


  1. What a wonderful day you have had today Lottie and Henry, amongst all those animals. You are so lucky to be that close to them all, especially your favorite, a little donkey. I really like your lovely waistcoat Henry, with your name on too, I bet your Mum made it for you. It looks like you were both ready for a sit down after all that hunting for Santa.

    1. We had such fun indeed. Mum didn't make my waistcoat, she ordered from a lady on eBay who made it for me. Actually it was the second, the first one when missing in the post - who would think that someone would take my vest with my name on it?

  2. Hi Henry,
    Fabulous post from the Garden Centre and loved looking at all the animals you met along the way. Your adventures are getting me into the Christmas spirit so many thanks,
    Susan and the Babies xxx