Tuesday 19 November 2013

Lottie and I visit ANOTHER Christmas display!

Dad took us all out to lunch today and luckily there were a few fun Christmas displays for Lottie and I to look at and enjoy.  There was a little walk through 'Christmas Specatcular' display to walk through which had a variety of fairy tail characters...

Careful Lottie, I don't really think that is Little Red Riding Hood beckoning you...looks more like the wicked wolf to me!  

Ooh dear, how did we end up down here...if we are not careful they will put us to work in the stables...

What's that Henry?  Lottie asks me with a quizzical expression on her face.

I think they are getting ready for a ball Lottie.

Look at those cute animals on the chair... Lottie says.

We move on and are challenged by three mouseketeers who seem to be guarding the banquet...

...and what a banquet it is!  Lots of yummy goodies there.  We wondered if we might be able to sneak a piece of cake, but those mouseketeers were on the ball and never let us out of their sight!

A little later we come across some white rabbits in a magical woodland.

Ah, isn't this one sweet Henry, do you think we could take him home?  Lottie asks.

Well... I'm not sure...we have guinea pigs you see and you shouldn't keep rabbits and guinea pigs together and it would be lonely on its own.  I explain to Lottie.  

Oh, do you think I will be able to hold one of your guinea pigs?  Lottie asks me.

Sure, we will have a play and cuddle with them tomorrow.  I suggest.

The magical woodland display was lovely with the reindeer and their little baby fawn.

It was a cold day and we warm up by the fire.  Lottie has borrowed one of our sweaters as she forgot to pack one!

Look at the Chestnuts Henry - do you think they are Horse Chestnuts (Conkers) or the proper Chestnuts that you can roast?  Lottie points them out.

Well I think they look more like conkers to me!  Perhaps they are just for decoration.  I reply.

Dad bought us a stable to display the Sailor's nativity scene for Christmas.  Normally Mum just makes up a cardboard box and some hay for it, but this stable looks pretty neat, so hopefully we can show you that tomorrow when it is a bit lighter as it was getting dark by the time we got home.


  1. What a lovely Christmas display! And all that food.....it's a shame those Mouseketeers kept such a firm guard on it though, it looked very yummy!!

  2. What a magical place, I expect you are both feeling really christmasy now. That wolf looked really scary and those mice looked very dedicated to guarding the feast. Won't you both have fun with the guinea pigs, I can't wait to see those photos and to seeing the new stable. How remiss of me not to pack a jumper!

  3. Wonderful photos of Lottie and Henry, what a wonderful place!!!!! It helps to get ready for Christmas :)