Thursday 8 August 2013

Ryder's Holiday - Boys at Play.

Mum is in 'decluttering' mode and Dad is busy preparing for the World Computer Chess Championships so he can't take us anywhere at the moment.  Still that isn't a problem as there really is lots to do around home.

We all enjoyed going off for a bike ride.  Well I say bike, but Ryder rode the scooter and Caleb took the skateboard.

We come up the front path full of all we saw....Bobby took us some of the local places he went past when he went on his attempted  'trip to Devon'  last year.  

We had a grand time and wonder what to do next....

So what do you suggest Caleb? I ask.

Let's play hide and seek, he suggests.

We all agree that is a good idea and Bobby chooses to be the one to seek, while we three boys hide.

20, 19, 18.....9, 8, 7, 6,.....2,1!

Coming ready or not! He shouts.

Caleb thinks he has found a good place behind the rhubarb tyre.

Unfortunately for him, his red shoes give him away and Bobby soon spots him.

Found you!

You can come out now Caleb, Bobby tells him.  Now I wonder who I will find next?

Ryder thinks he has found a good hiding place on the old picnic table....he clambers down to hide behind the folded up seat.

He'll never find me here....he thinks to himself.  Little does he know that his head is exposed.

Bobby is sure someone would have hidden in the shrubbery, and wanders over to have a look.

What's that?  He turns his head towards a sound.  Hmmm, it is coming from the direction of the old picnic table. He walks towards it.

Aha!  Bobby grins and thinks to himself.  I can see someone's head!

I can see you!   Ryder however stays as quiet as he can hoping Bobby can't really see him, after all he can't see Bobby!

Bobby climbs up.  Ryder, I have found you!  Ryder turns his head and sighs...Fair cop.  So who is left? He asks.

Just Henry. Bobby tells him.  I wonder where he has hidden?

I have hidden behind the tree, hoping that Bobby won't find me.

I peek out...

Uh Oh, I better hide....

Bobby looks over at the tree...Is that a hand I see?  He asks himself.

Climbing over some of the fallen branches Bobby finds me.

You found me!  I cheer!  Well done Bobby.

We re-group on the lawn to decide what to do next.


  1. How wonderful...each picture a joy! Thanks for sharing your darling boys with us!!

  2. Love these photos of hide and seek and the bikes and scooter!!!!' They are having a great time!!!!!

    1. Hi Mom! I am having the best of times! It has been such fun and all the boys are so friendly. Rory hasn't been around much - apparently he is busy with the tadpoles and frogs that need his help at this time of the year.

      Love Ryder

  3. Wish that SO many more kids these days could be capable of amusing themselves like this outside in the fresh air instead of demanding expensive electronic games and remaining indoors.
    A really superb post. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks.

    1. Oh indeed Kendal. It seems children in general have lost the facility for free play and imagination - it all has to be done for them!

      So glad you enjoyed it.

  4. So good the weather is holding to allow you to play in the garden Henry.

    1. Isn't the weather just wonderful this year! I am so pleased we are having a good summer.

  5. Fantastic pictures Lorraine and great story! xxx

    1. Thank you Steve, they had a lot of fun together.

  6. Such a great story and fantastic pictures! Lucky boys...

    1. They are lucky boys, but they do deserve to have a good time - they never grumble and only rarely get into trouble... ;-)

  7. Awww so cute! I love that little visiting boy, is he a Gotz 'sharp' nose boy? He's lovely! I like that they all have something to ride on, but where is my favourite little Red Headed boy???

    1. Ah it is a busy time of year for the lovely little Rory - he is busy caring for all the tadpoles and frogs...

      Yes Ryder is a Gotz 'sharp nose' lad :-)

  8. I love your pictures of the boys at play! You really capture it so perfectly. Looking forward to seeing what they do next... Diane