Thursday 23 April 2015

Blogging Break

After quite a bit of thinking and wanting to do more, I have decided to close my blogs down for a while.  Not sure how many are actually reading it any more anyway and I think it is time for a break. This is due to various reasons that I don't wish to go into due to 'Chinese Whispers' and other hurts that seem to occur when things are said 'third hand'.   I will leave this up for the next few days so that anyone who does will know 'where they have gone'.  Maybe I will come back refreshed and more enthusiastic, maybe I will give up the whole blogging lark and dolls altogether, at this stage I just don't know...all I know is they are no longer 'bringing me joy' and surely that is the whole point of a hobby? 

Henry may still post to this blog but will do so privately and will only be accessible through subscription only, so if anyone wants to keep up with Henry's Adventures, please email us..


  1. I think this is so sad - I have more or less left the Sasha community, but still enjoy reading all about Henry's adventures and all the other things you blog about - your writing is so refreshing and entertaining and the photos are always wonderful. Thank you for some very enjoyable 'reads'. I hope you will reconsider after a little break....... Warmly Trish

  2. I will miss you Lorraine and Henry :) xxx

  3. We here will always keep in touch with 'Dear' Henry and his holidays and adventures as we hope you and he will with our Sasha Brood blog posts since we have been together on this blogging journey for a very long time now.