Sunday 11 May 2014

Down Under in New Zealand: March 19th - 20th Whangarei

On Wednesday 19th March we drove to Whangarei to visit Mum's friend Rosemary.  We had a lovely time with her and went to see the Whangarei Falls.  These falls have a series of walks that loop around the waterfall.  You can walk down one side, cross a footbridge and then come back up the other side.  The falls were looking pretty good considering how dry it had been and there were a couple of viewing platforms. There was some wonderful native bush and it was a really enjoyable walk.  There are lots of pictures of the falls because they were so lovely...also a couple of me!

Beautiful native bush walk

Mum's friend Rosemary

Here I am at the bottom of the falls.

Having a sit down and just enjoying the sound of nature.

A fabulous old tree.

We finished the evening with a trip up to the Mt Parihaka Lookout.  Parihaka is an old eroded bush clad volcanic cone about 240 metres high and is visible from many areas in the city of Whangarei and surrounding areas.  It is a former Maori Pa sites and would have been home to a couple of hundred people in the past.  It contains visible remains of house sites, storage pits and defences.  We didn't have time to do any of the walks unfortunately (but have put them on our list to do next time!) so just visited the lookout which provides an amazing panoramic view of the city and harbour.  Next to the viewing platform (but unfortunately not phtographed, due to too many people sitting around it) is a memorial to commemorate those lost in the two world wars. 

Looking out you can see where the river meets the ocean.

Quite spectacular indeed.

On the Thursday which was Mum's birthday, Rosemary took us to 'The Country Yard' a really amazing (well according to Mum anyway) quilting shop.  Mum wishes she had one like this near us, as they hold various classes and events as well as have a wonderful array of fabrics.  This is where Mum bought a lot of her fabulous New Zealand fabrics from that she has recently been making dresses for Sasha in her 2014 Kiwiana Collection  

These two very lovely ladies helped Mum with her fabric choice and said hello to me...I was pretty chuffed I can tell you.  If you are ever in Whangarei and get a chance to go to this shop then do, as they are very helpful and friendly.

I have to say I preferred their yard outside to the fabric and enjoyed have a wander round and a sit on here.

It was a fabulous day and I enjoyed waiting here while Mum and Rosemary spent time in the shop.

Rosemary treated Mum out for lunch for her birthday which was very lovely of her.

It was soon time though for us to make our way back.

We stopped here briefly to take photos of the view


A richness of colours, what is there not to love?

We hoped back in the car and travelled back in time for a lovely birthday dinner cooked by Mum's sister who is a fantastic cook!  Very lovely it was as well.


  1. Oh wow Henry, what amazing places to visit. I like the one of you with the waterfall and the stunning pictures of mountains and sea.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the photos of this wonderful place. The waterfall was gorgeous.

  2. What a great place to visit with your Mum! The waterfalls are so lovely and the photos are so clear that I could almost hear the roar of the falls ;). Thank you for sharing this post so we can dream of visiting such a beautiful place!! Hugs, xxx

    1. So glad you enjoyed the photos Ginger, it was such a lovely afternoon and early evening, and wonderful to spend time with my friend.

  3. My goodness - my husband's aunt lives in Whangarei it's lovely to see what it looks like. Thanks Henry!

    1. Fancy that! There is a lot more to Whangarei than I have shown. It has changed a lot in recent years. The city centre is lovely with walks along the riverbank/marina. I think I have photos from my last time I was there. I will have to look them out.

  4. Truly magnificent views and scenery. What a very lucky little fellow you are to get to visit and see these places that people like me can only dream about.

    1. Magnificent scenery indeed, left me feeling rather homesick!