Tuesday 13 May 2014

Boy oh Boy!

The wonder!

Can't quite believe my eyes!

Curiosity gets the better of me! 

A boys just got to go flying every now and again on an obliging Pteranodon 

Even trying out a ride on a Tyrannosaur 

Sometimes though the T Rex takes exception to being ridden...


  1. Oh Henry, next time be careful what you are curious about!

  2. Henry! Looks like you are getting into scrapes again.

  3. Hi Henry!
    I thought you flew to Oz in the plane with your Mum? Or was it on the back of a Pteranadon?
    Great dinosaurs, a perfect outing for a boy your age.
    Jenni x

  4. How fantastic the dinosaurs are---way to go Henry!!! Not many have survived the jaws of the great T-Rex!!! Great photos :)

  5. A perfect setting for the ever curious 'dear' Henry. So pleased though that you are still here to tell the tale!
    (Did you see on the TV news that they have just found the skeleton of another huge dinosaur on the lines of Tyrannosaurus Rex but with an even bigger head and jaws?You might not have had such a lucky escape from him! )