Saturday 4 January 2014

First Aid

Oh look James, the poor little hedgehog has a sore nose.  Emrys tells James.

What's up guys?  Henry asks when he comes across the two boys looking quite worried.

Look Henry the poor hedgehog has a sore nose.  Emrys shows Henry.

What shall we do?  James asks.

Well we could get a plaster to put on it.  Henry suggests.

Hey that is a great idea!  Emrys agrees.

Do you think it will work? James asks.

Well we can only try.  Henry says.

Emrys and James put the plaster on the little hedgehogs nose.

There that should make it better.  Henry says.

What a great idea Henry.  Emrys says as the boys walk back inside mission accomplished.  

Yeah, James agrees...I like plasters.  


  1. Thnaks for the smile. A very sweet story line.

  2. So cute! I love the hedgie and will send you a photo of our Hettie McTweedy, great niece of the the famous Mrs. Tiggywinkle, and her little sister, Wee Flora. They are close friends of James.'
    Beware though, if Emrys has to have a plaster, he's full of enthusiasm about putting it ON....but you will have to get Henry to run round the garden and sit on him when it is time to remove it. Just like his delicate skinned Papa!
    J xx

  3. isn't it funny how children see a plaster as a fixer of all hurts. Somehow it makes it magically better (if it is a minor scrape).