Friday 3 January 2014

The bird feeder - part two.

Well after a few days very wet weather it has at last stopped raining so the boys took the opportunity to see if they could get the bird table standing upright again...

So how do you think we are going to get it standing up?  Emrys asks Henry.

It is very heavy and big.  James says.

Well I thought we would use this rope.  Henry tells them as he reaches down to pick it up. about we wrap it round here?  Emrys suggests.

Here, like this.  James and Emrys wrap the rope round the base of the bird table.

Henry watches on.

How did you learn to tie ropes?  Henry asks them.

We live on a farm, and so we often have to tie ropes - or at least Dad has to.  The boys tell him.

My Mum grew up on a farm.  Henry tells the boys.  She says they used ropes for horses, cattle, sheep, tying fences and gates up temporarily and also in the garden.  The Sailor has learnt to tie ropes in scouts and for his job.

Cool!  James and Emrys say.  The Sailor must have had such fun in the Scouts.

They finish tying the rope round the base of the bird table.

I'll push and you pull.  Emrys calls out as James and Henry hold the rope at the other end.

Ready, on the count of three pull!  Shouts Emrys....   One, Two, Three!

The boys pull the rope.  It takes a lot of pulling, panting and puffing and heaving and loud grunts that only boys can make, but eventually all the effort is worth it.

Wow!  We did it!  Henry says.

Of course we did.  Emrys says.  We are strong!

Trouble do we get it into the garden?  James asks.

Um, well I think we will have to get Dad to do that.  Henry replies.

The bird table is moved and Emrys surveys it and the garden to make sure it is in the right spot.

Looking good up here.  He calls out!

In the mood for a spot of climbing they walk down the garden to the apple tree.

James is first up the tree.

Wooeee, look at me!  He cries out.  Here I am up a tree!

Not to be outdone by his brother, Emrys is quickly up the tree as well.

Hey there Bro, he calls out!

Careful up there guys.  Henry says.  I'll be up in a mo!

Hmmm... lots of bare branches at this time of the year.  Henry thinks to himself.

Boo!  Henry says as he climbs up behind James and startles him.

Hey, careful there Henry!  I could have fallen.  I thought you were climbing up the other side of the tree and then all of a sudden you are behind me!  James says laughing.

The boys enjoy climbing the tree and playing in the garden...I can't say they were clean when they came in after there play!


  1. Looks like the boys have been eating their vegetables and it was all worthwhile, seeing as they could get the bird table back into the upright position!
    It's funny seeing the trees all bare of leaves because in the main all through the winter we have a lot of leaves on our trees and those in the street but they are absolutely cram packed full of oranges, lemons and olives! So the kids climb and get lost in the greenery! And have to be careful because the lemon trees have nasty spikes in them!
    Love the sweater that James is wearing! Very cosy and warm looking!

    1. Yes plenty of spinach! ;-)

      I still find it strange seeing all the trees bare as in NZ it is green all year round as well.

  2. strong boys and team work - that's what it takes!
    don't you just love this miserable weather - I was contemplating a doll photo shoot outside yesterday because it was quite a bright day but didn't manage it and today it was back to the driving rain and wind.

    1. Blowing a gale and pouring with rain here this morning, so the boys were lucky they went outside yesterday when they did!

  3. Hi guys! Glad to see you are being useful as well as having fun.
    J x